The bindings view is available for all QObject instances instantiated from QML and shows active property bindings for the selected object, including their dependencies on other properties.

At the top level, the binding view shows all QML property bindings of the currently selected object. Below each bindings, its dependencies are shown, which themselves can be property bindings again. Dependencies can be explicit, that is they are specified in your code, or implicit. Implicit dependencies will not show a corresponding source code location and are mainly introduced by the Qt Quick layouting system.

The displayed information include:

  • The name of the property.
  • The current value of the property.
  • The depth of the dependency tree. The depth is shown as infinite on binding loops.
  • The source code location of the binding. You can directly navigate to the source code using the context menu. Implicit dependencies caused for example by the Qt Quick layouting system will not show a source code location.