System Information


The system information view shows a number of information about the environment the inspected application runs in, such as the used Qt build, the standard paths and the environment variables.

Qt Installation

The Qt tab shows information about the Qt build used by the inspected application. This includes the version as well as information about the build configuration and architecture, as well as the installation location of Qt. You can also find details about the platform the application runs on (OS, version, architecture, etc) here. All information here is retrieved via QLibraryInfo and QSysInfo and therefore reflects Qt's view.

Standard Paths

The standard paths view provides access to the information of QStandardPaths. For each standard location (see QStandardPaths::StandardLocation) it shows the readable and writable locations as seen by the target process.

Environment Variables

The Environment tab shows a table of all environment variables and their corresponding value, as seen by QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment() in the target process.