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#include <binding_evaluator.h>

Inherits from KDBindings::BindingEvaluator

Public Functions

ImmediateBindingEvaluator instance()

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from KDBindings::BindingEvaluator

BindingEvaluator() =default
BindingEvaluator(BindingEvaluator && other) =delete
BindingEvaluator(const BindingEvaluator & ) =default
void evaluateAll() const
BindingEvaluator & operator=(BindingEvaluator && other) =delete
BindingEvaluator & operator=(const BindingEvaluator & ) =default

Friends inherited from KDBindings::BindingEvaluator

class Binding

Detailed Description

class KDBindings::ImmediateBindingEvaluator;

This subclass of BindingEvaluator doesn't do anything special on its own. It is used together with a template specialization of Binding to provide old-school, immediate mode Bindings.

Any Binding that is constructed with an ImmediateBindingEvaluator will not wait for the evaluator to call evaluateAll, but rather evaluate the Binding immediately when any of its bindables (i.e. Property instances) change. This can lead to a PropertyBinding being evaluated many times before the result is ever used in a typical GUI application.

Public Functions Documentation

function instance

static inline ImmediateBindingEvaluator instance()

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