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KDGantt::Span Member List

This is the complete list of members for KDGantt::Span, including all inherited members.

end() const KDGantt::Span
equals(const Span &other) const KDGantt::Span
expandedTo(const Span &other) const KDGantt::Span
isValid() const KDGantt::Span
length() const KDGantt::Span
operator=(const Span &other)KDGantt::Span
setEnd(qreal end)KDGantt::Span
setLength(qreal length)KDGantt::Span
setStart(qreal start)KDGantt::Span
Span(qreal start, qreal length)KDGantt::Span
Span(const Span &other)KDGantt::Span
start() const KDGantt::Span

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