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KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry Class Reference

#include <testregistry.h>

Public Member Functions

void registerTestFactory (const TestFactory *tf, const char *group)
unsigned int run () const
unsigned int run (const char *group) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void deleteInstance ()
static TestRegistryinstance ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file testregistry.h.

Member Function Documentation

void KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry::deleteInstance ( )

Definition at line 52 of file testregistry.cpp.

Referenced by KDAB::UnitTest::Runner::~Runner().

KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry * KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry::instance ( )
void KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry::registerTestFactory ( const TestFactory tf,
const char *  group 
unsigned int KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry::run ( ) const

runs all tests in all groups.

the number of failed tests (if any)

Definition at line 61 of file testregistry.cpp.

Referenced by KDAB::UnitTest::Runner::run().

unsigned int KDAB::UnitTest::TestRegistry::run ( const char *  group) const

runs only tests in group group

the number of failed tests (if any)

Definition at line 79 of file testregistry.cpp.

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