KD Tools Reference Documentation


KD Tools aims to ease the daily work of Qt programmers by providing a number of well-designed, easy-to-use widgets and non-gui classes.

KD Tools are lifted directly from experience gathered in our daily work as consultants and from working on our own products. Components range from small convenience classes that are designed to make recurring tasks easier and/or safer to handle to sophisticated view systems, such as KDPropertyView and KDTimeLineWidget, that can save you man-weeks of development.

Most components included were not specifically developed for KD Tools, but have repeatedly shown up in our own projects, proving their usefulness and undergoing several iterations before being included in a release. KD Tools gives you access to the toolbox the Qt professionals at KDAB use every day.

KD Tools is currently packaged into sets of libraries corresponding to the Qt libraries QtCore, QtGui, etc. Usage is as simple as

  CONFIG += kdtools
  KDTOOLS += core gui
if you use qmake.

A list of new features in KDTools 2.2 can be found on the New Classes page.

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