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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
KDSignalSpy::EventKDSignalSpy event record
KDUnitTest::GenericFactoryGeneric factory implementation
KDAbstractCompositePropertyThis is the baseclass of all composite properties. A composite property is made from one or properties which values make up the value of the composite property
KDAbstractProperty< T >This template is the baseclass of all simple properties
KDAutoPointer< T >Owning version of QPointer
KDBooleanPropertyA property with an boolean value
KDBrushSaverException-safe and convenient wrapper around QPainter::setBrush()
KDChoicePropertyA property with a list of choices
KDCircularProgressIndicatorA Mac-style circular (rotating) progress indicator
KDCocoaUtilsMac OS X Cocoa related convenience functions
KDColorButtonA color request/display widget
KDColorPropertyA property with a QColor value
KDComboPropertyA property with a QString value in an editor that is a combobox with a list of choices
KDCompositeLogDeviceA KDLogDevice that enables output to multiple log devices
KDDatePropertyA property with a QDate value
KDDateTimePropertyA property with a QDateTime value
KDDisableOverrideCursorException-safe and convenient way to temporarily disable a KDOverrideCursor
KDDoublePropertyA property with a double value
KDDoubleSpinBoxA double spin box with improved locale support
KDEmailValidatorA QValidator to validate email addresses and/or domain names
KDEncodingLogDeviceHelper class for KDLogDevice implementations that need to encode Unicode
KDFileLogDeviceA KDLogDevice that outputs to a file
KDFilenamePropertyA property that holds a filename
KDFontPropertyA property with a QFont value
KDFontSaverException-safe and convenient wrapper around QPainter::setFont()
KDGenericFactory< T_Product, T_Identifier, T_Map >Template based generic factory implementation
KDHelpButtonA Mac-style help button
KDIntPropertyA property with an integer value
KDIntWithSliderPropertyA example property with an integer value and a QSlider editor
KDListViewToolBarMac-style tool bar to be placed below list views
KDLockButtonA Mac-style widget to indicate GUI elements are locked from/by the user
KDLockedSharedMemoryArray< T >Locking array pointer to Qt shared memory segments
KDLockedSharedMemoryPointer< T >Locking pointer for Qt shared memory segments
KDLogA class for logging messages to a KDLogDevice
KDLogDeviceThe abstract base class for log devices
KDLogTextWidgetA high-speed text display widget
KDMatrixMapperA class to turn a QMatrix into a functor
KDMetaMethodIteratorIterator over methods of QObjects
KDMultipleChoicePropertyA property with a multiple choices possibility
KDOverrideCursorException-safe and convenient wrapper around QApplication::setOverrideCursor()
KDPainterSaverException-safe and convenient wrapper around QPainter::save()/restore()
KDPenSaverException-safe and convenient wrapper around QPainter::setPen()
KDPointPoint convenience functions
KDPropertyCategoryThis class represents a category of properties
KDPropertyEditorAbstract baseclass for all special property editors
KDPropertyEditorFactoryA factory class that can created named property editors as used by KDPropertyViewDelegate
KDPropertyGroupInterfaceThis is the interface implemented by all KDPropertyInterface items that can contain other KDPropertyInterface items
KDPropertyInterfaceThis is the interface implemented by all items that can be put into a KDPropertyModel
KDPropertyModelA subclass of QAbstractItemModel for easy construction of sets of KDProperties
KDPropertyViewA widget for displaying and editing a collection of (name,value) properties
KDPropertyViewDelegateA QItemDelegate subclass used internally by KDPropertyView to display and edit properties
KDRectRectangle convenience functions
KDSaveFileSecure and robust writing to a file
KDSearchLineEditA line edit usually used to type in text to search
KDSemaphoreReleaserException-safe and convenient wrapper around QSemaphore::release()
KDSharedMemoryLockerException-safe and convenient wrapper around QSharedMemory::lock()
KDShortcutAn instance of this class represents a single category in a KDShortcutBar
KDShortcutBarThis widget provides a vertical list of buttons, one for each shortcut, and an area that displays a widget for each shortcut. The list of buttons and the widget area are separated by a splitter. The list of buttons can be contracted and expanded by the user to display more or less buttons
KDSignalBlockerException-safe and convenient wrapper around QObject::blockSignals()
KDSignalLogDeviceA KDLogDevice that emits signals when a log entry is written to it
KDSignalSpyA recorder for signal emissions, across multiple QObjects
KDSizePropertyA composite property with a QSize value
KDSpinBoxA spin box with improved locale support
KDStderrLogDeviceA KDLogDevice that writes its output to stderr
KDStringPropertyA property with a QString value
KDSystemLogDeviceA KDLogDevice that writes to the system log. On UNIX this means writing to the syslog and on Windows it means logging to the Application event log
KDThreadRunner< T >Convenience class for starting QThreads that use signals/slots
KDTimeLineAreaThis class encapsulates a KDTimeLineWidget and a KDTimeScrollBar into a single widget
KDTimeLineWidgetKDTimeLineWidget is a widget showing a timeline with a current time and optionally a number of events. It does not provide scrollbars or other means of navigation
KDTimeLineWidgetItemObjects of this class are used as event items in a KDTimeLineWidget. It is possible to use the class as is, and it can be subclassed for further specialization
KDTimeScrollBarThis widget is a scrollbar-like widget that has the additional property that the user can resize the elevator part of the scrollbar. The size of the elevator can be used as a zoom-control
KDTransformMapperA class to turn a QTransform into a functor
KDTransformSaverException-safe and convenient wrapper around QPainter::setTransform()
KDUIntPropertyA property with an unsigned integer value
KDVariantConverterA helper for making user types in QVariant convertable
KDUpdater::PackageInfoDescribes a single installed package in the target
KDUpdater::PackagesInfoProvides access to information about packages installed on the application side
KDUpdater::PackagesModelA model that can show packages contained in KDUpdater::PackagesInfo
KDUpdater::PackagesViewA widget that can show packages contained in KDUpdater::PackagesInfo
pimpl_ptr< T >Owning pointer for private implementations
KDUnitTest::RunnerTest runner
KDUpdater::TargetThis class represents a target (application) that can be updated
KDUpdater::TaskBase class for all task classes in KDUpdater
KDUnitTest::TestA container for Tests
KDUnitTest::TestFactoryFactory for KDUnitTest::Tests
KDUnitTest::TestRegistryA registry for KDUnitTest Tests
KDUpdater::UpdateRepresents a single update
KDUpdater::UpdateFinderFinds updates applicable for a KDUpdater::Target
KDUpdater::UpdateInstallerInstalls updates, given a list of KDUpdater::Update objects
KDUpdater::UpdateOperationAbstract base class for update operations
KDUpdater::UpdateOperationFactoryFactory for KDUpdater::UpdateOperation
KDUpdater::UpdatesDialogA dialog that let the user chooses which updates he wants to install
KDUpdater::UpdatesModelAn item model usable for item views that let the user choose which updates he wants to install
KDUpdater::UpdateSourceInfoDescribes a single update source
KDUpdater::UpdateSourcesInfoProvides access to information about the update sources set for the target
KDUpdater::UpdateSourcesModelA model that helps view and/or edit KDUpdater::UpdateSourcesInfo
KDUpdater::UpdateSourcesViewA widget that helps view and/or edit KDUpdater::UpdateSourcesInfo
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