The event monitor allows to observe all QEvent instances being processed by the target application. It allows looking at the event stream, event propagation, event properties as well as provides statistics on how often which event type occurs.

Event Log

The event log tab shows the history of all events that have gone through the event loop of the target application on the left hand side. For a selected event, the view on the right side shows the properties of the corresponding event. In case an event is propagated to other receivers (such as input events do along QWidget or QQuickItem hierarchies), those are shown as child entries of the corresponding event.

The event history view shows the following information:

  • The time the event was processed (not the time was put into the event queue).
  • The type name of the event (see QEvent::Type), or the numeric value of the event type in case of custom events.
  • The receiver of the event. If the receiver object has not been destroyed yet, it can be navigated to via the context menu.

The toolbar above the event history allows to search for specific entries, to suspend the event recording, and to clear the event history.

Event Types

The event type view shows all known and observed event types, as well as the amount of corresponding events that have been registered.

Two types of filters can be configured in the event type view by the checkboxes in the Record and Show columns:

  • If an event type is not selected for recording, it is already discarded before being processed by GammaRay. This can be useful if a certain event type is occurring so frequently that it impacts performance.
  • Events filtered for display are recorded but not shown in the event history, but are still recorded. This can be useful to improve visibility when investigating a specific type of event.

The toolbar above the event type view allows to search for a specific event type and offers actions to quickly select or deselect each of the two filters.