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GammaRay::LaunchOptions Class Reference

Describes the injection and probe options used for launching/attacing to a host process. More...

#include <launchoptions.h>

Public Types

enum  UiMode { InProcessUi, OutOfProcessUi, NoUi }

Public Member Functions

 LaunchOptions (const LaunchOptions &other)
QString absoluteExecutablePath () const
bool execute (const QString &launcherPath) const
QString injectorType () const
QString injectorTypeExecutableOverride () const
bool isAttach () const
bool isLaunch () const
bool isValid () const
QStringList launchArguments () const
LaunchOptionsoperator= (const LaunchOptions &other)
int pid () const
ProbeABI probeABI () const
QString probePath () const
QHash< QByteArray, QByteArrayprobeSettings () const
QProcessEnvironment processEnvironment () const
void setInjectorType (const QString &injectorType)
void setInjectorTypeExecutableOverride (const QString &filePath)
void setLaunchArguments (const QStringList &args)
void setPid (int pid)
void setProbeABI (const ProbeABI &abi)
void setProbePath (const QString &path)
void setProbeSetting (const QString &key, const QVariant &value)
void setProcessEnvironment (const QProcessEnvironment &env)
void setUiMode (UiMode mode)
void setWorkingDirectory (const QString &path)
UiMode uiMode () const
QString workingDirectory () const

Detailed Description

Describes the injection and probe options used for launching/attacing to a host process.

Member Function Documentation

◆ absoluteExecutablePath()

QString GammaRay::LaunchOptions::absoluteExecutablePath ( ) const

Absolute path (as far as it can be determined) of the executable to launch. Only valid if isLaunch() returns true.

◆ execute()

bool GammaRay::LaunchOptions::execute ( const QString launcherPath) const

execute this launch options with the given command-line launcher.

◆ injectorType()

QString GammaRay::LaunchOptions::injectorType ( ) const

Injector type.

◆ injectorTypeExecutableOverride()

QString GammaRay::LaunchOptions::injectorTypeExecutableOverride ( ) const

Injector executable override.

◆ isAttach()

bool GammaRay::LaunchOptions::isAttach ( ) const

Returns true if we are supposed to attach rather than start a new process.

◆ isLaunch()

bool GammaRay::LaunchOptions::isLaunch ( ) const

Returns true if this is valid and has launch arguments set.

◆ isValid()

bool GammaRay::LaunchOptions::isValid ( ) const

Returns true if no valid launch arguments or process id are set.

◆ probeABI()

ProbeABI GammaRay::LaunchOptions::probeABI ( ) const

Probe ABI.

◆ setLaunchArguments()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setLaunchArguments ( const QStringList args)

Program and command line arguments to launch.

◆ setPid()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setPid ( int  pid)

Process id for the process to attach to.

◆ setProbePath()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setProbePath ( const QString path)

Full path to the probe being used. This overrides specifying a probe ABI and can be useful on non-standard installation layouts of the probes.

◆ setProbeSetting()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setProbeSetting ( const QString key,
const QVariant value 

Generic key/value settings send to the probe.

◆ setProcessEnvironment()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setProcessEnvironment ( const QProcessEnvironment env)

Process environment for the launched target. By default the environment of the launcher process is used.

◆ setWorkingDirectory()

void GammaRay::LaunchOptions::setWorkingDirectory ( const QString path)

Working directory for launching the target.

◆ uiMode()

UiMode GammaRay::LaunchOptions::uiMode ( ) const

UI mode.

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