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GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager Class Reference

Pre-MainWindow connection setup logic. More...

#include <clientconnectionmanager.h>

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Public Slots

QMainWindow * createMainWindow ()
void disconnectFromHost ()
void handlePersistentConnectionError (const QString &msg)


void disconnected ()
void persistentConnectionError (const QString &msg)
void ready ()

Public Member Functions

 ClientConnectionManager (QObject *parent=0, bool showSplashScreenOnStartUp=true)
void connectToHost (const QUrl &url, int tryAgain=0)
QMainWindow * mainWindow () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()

Detailed Description

Pre-MainWindow connection setup logic.

This is useful for embedding the GammaRay client into another application


Member Function Documentation

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::connectToHost ( const QUrl &  url,
int  tryAgain = 0 

Connect to a GammaRay probe at url.

QMainWindow* GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::createMainWindow ( )

Brings up a client main window for the current connection. If you want to use this, connect this slot to ready().

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::disconnected ( )

Emitted when the connection to the target has been closed, for whatever reason. For a stand-alone client you probably want to connect this to QApplication::quit().

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::disconnectFromHost ( )

Disconnect GammaRay.

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::handlePersistentConnectionError ( const QString &  msg)

Standard persistent connection error handler.

See also
static void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::init ( )

One-time initialization of stream operators and factory callbacks.

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::persistentConnectionError ( const QString &  msg)

Emitted when there has been a persistent connection error. You can connect this to handlePersistentConnectionError() for a standard message box and application exit handling.

void GammaRay::ClientConnectionManager::ready ( )

Emitted when the connection is established and the tool model is populated. If you want to bring up the standard main window, connect this to createMainWindow(), otherwise use this to show your own UI at this point.

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