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GammaRay::Endpoint Class Referenceabstract

Network protocol endpoint. More...

#include <endpoint.h>

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Public Slots

void sendMessage (const GammaRay::Message &msg)


void disconnected ()
void objectRegistered (const QString &objectName, Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress)
void objectUnregistered (const QString &objectName, Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress)

Public Member Functions

virtual void invokeObject (const QString &objectName, const char *method, const QVariantList &args=QVariantList()) const
virtual bool isRemoteClient () const =0
QString label () const
Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress (const QString &objectName) const
virtual void registerMessageHandler (Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress, QObject *receiver, const char *messageHandlerName)
virtual Protocol::ObjectAddress registerObject (const QString &name, QObject *object)
virtual QUrl serverAddress () const =0
void setLabel (const QString &label)
virtual void unregisterMessageHandler (Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress)
void waitForMessagesWritten ()

Static Public Member Functions

static quint16 broadcastPort ()
static quint16 defaultPort ()
static Endpointinstance ()
static bool isConnected ()
static void send (const Message &msg)

Protected Member Functions

 Endpoint (QObject *parent=0)
void addObjectNameAddressMapping (const QString &objectName, Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress)
void dispatchMessage (const GammaRay::Message &msg)
virtual void doSendMessage (const Message &msg)
Protocol::ObjectAddress endpointAddress () const
virtual void handlerDestroyed (Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress, const QString &objectName)=0
void invokeObjectLocal (QObject *object, const char *method, const QVariantList &args) const
virtual void messageReceived (const Message &msg)=0
QVector< QPair< Protocol::ObjectAddress, QString > > objectAddresses () const
virtual void objectDestroyed (Protocol::ObjectAddress objectAddress, const QString &objectName, QObject *object)=0
void removeObjectNameAddressMapping (const QString &objectName)
void setDevice (QIODevice *device)

Protected Attributes

PropertySyncer * m_propertySyncer

Static Protected Attributes

static Endpoints_instance

Detailed Description

Network protocol endpoint.


Member Function Documentation

void GammaRay::Endpoint::addObjectNameAddressMapping ( const QString &  objectName,
Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress 

Call this when learning about a new object <-> address mapping.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::disconnected ( )

Emitted when we lost the connection to the other endpoint.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::dispatchMessage ( const GammaRay::Message &  msg)

Calls the message handler registered for the receiver of msg.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::doSendMessage ( const Message &  msg)

Sends a given message.

Protocol::ObjectAddress GammaRay::Endpoint::endpointAddress ( ) const

The object address of the other endpoint.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::handlerDestroyed ( Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress,
const QString &  objectName 
protectedpure virtual

Called when the current handler of the object identified by objectAddress has been destroyed.

static Endpoint* GammaRay::Endpoint::instance ( )

Singleton accessor.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::invokeObject ( const QString &  objectName,
const char *  method,
const QVariantList &  args = QVariantList() 
) const

Invoke method on the object called objectName with the given args.

This also works with signals.

The default implementation forwards the object calls to remote side when the endpoint is connected. The Server implementation is furthermore expected to call the method directly on the local object to support the in-process mode.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::invokeObjectLocal ( QObject *  object,
const char *  method,
const QVariantList &  args 
) const

Invoke method on object with the given args.

This is invokes the method directly on the local object.

static bool GammaRay::Endpoint::isConnected ( )

Returns true if we are currently connected to another endpoint.

virtual bool GammaRay::Endpoint::isRemoteClient ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns true for remote clients and false for the in-probe server endpoint.

QString GammaRay::Endpoint::label ( ) const

Returns a human-readable string describing the host program.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::messageReceived ( const Message &  msg)
protectedpure virtual

Called for every incoming message.

See also
Protocol::ObjectAddress GammaRay::Endpoint::objectAddress ( const QString &  objectName) const

Returns the object address for objectName, or Protocol::InvalidObjectAddress if not known.

QVector<QPair<Protocol::ObjectAddress, QString> > GammaRay::Endpoint::objectAddresses ( ) const

All current object name/address pairs.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::objectDestroyed ( Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress,
const QString &  objectName,
QObject *  object 
protectedpure virtual

Called when a registered object identified by objectAddress has been destroyed.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::objectRegistered ( const QString &  objectName,
Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress 

Emitted when a new object with name objectName has been registered at address objectAddress.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::registerMessageHandler ( Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress,
QObject *  receiver,
const char *  messageHandlerName 

Register the slot messageHandlerName on receiver as the handler for messages to/from objectAddress.

See also
virtual Protocol::ObjectAddress GammaRay::Endpoint::registerObject ( const QString &  name,
QObject *  object 

Register an object of the given name for transparent server/client communication.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::removeObjectNameAddressMapping ( const QString &  objectName)

Call this when learning about a dissolved object <-> address mapping.

static void GammaRay::Endpoint::send ( const Message &  msg)

Send msg to the connected endpoint.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::sendMessage ( const GammaRay::Message &  msg)

Convenience overload of send(), to directly send message delivered via signals.

virtual QUrl GammaRay::Endpoint::serverAddress ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the listening address of the server, in case you need to connect to a different service there (such as the web inspector server).

void GammaRay::Endpoint::setDevice ( QIODevice *  device)

Call with the socket once you have established a connection to another endpoint, takes ownership of device.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::setLabel ( const QString &  label)

Sets the human-readable label of this instance used e.g. when advertising on the network.

virtual void GammaRay::Endpoint::unregisterMessageHandler ( Protocol::ObjectAddress  objectAddress)

Unregister the message handler for objectAddress.

void GammaRay::Endpoint::waitForMessagesWritten ( )

Write all pending data and block until this is done.

This should only be used in very rare situations.

Member Data Documentation

Endpoint* GammaRay::Endpoint::s_instance

Singleton instance.

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