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GammaRay::UIStateManager Class Reference
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Public Slots

void reset ()
virtual void restoreState ()
virtual void saveState ()

Public Member Functions

 UIStateManager (QWidget *widget)
UISizeVector defaultSizes (QSplitter *splitter) const
UISizeVector defaultSizes (QHeaderView *header) const
virtual QList< QHeaderView * > headers () const
void setDefaultSizes (QSplitter *splitter, const UISizeVector &defaultSizes)
void setDefaultSizes (QHeaderView *header, const UISizeVector &defaultSizes)
virtual void setup ()
virtual QList< QSplitter * > splitters () const

Protected Slots

void restoreHeaderState (QHeaderView *header=0)
void restoreSplitterState (QSplitter *splitter=0)
void restoreWindowState ()
void saveHeaderState (QHeaderView *header=0)
void saveSplitterState (QSplitter *splitter=0)
void saveWindowState ()

Protected Member Functions

bool checkWidget (QWidget *widget) const
bool eventFilter (QObject *object, QEvent *event)
int percentToInt (const QString &size) const
QString widgetGeometryKey (QWidget *widget) const
QString widgetName (QWidget *widget) const
QString widgetPath (QWidget *widget) const
QString widgetStateKey (QWidget *widget) const
QString widgetStateSectionsKey (QWidget *widget) const

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