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GammaRay::Protocol Namespace Reference

Helper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server. More...


struct  ItemSelectionRange
 Protocol representation of an QItemSelectionRange. More...


typedef QVector< ItemSelectionRangeItemSelection
typedef quint8 MessageType
typedef QVector< QPair< qint32, qint32 > > ModelIndex
typedef quint16 ObjectAddress
typedef qint32 PayloadSize


enum  BuildInMessageType {
  ObjectMonitored = InvalidMessageType + 1, ObjectUnmonitored, ServerVersion, ObjectMapReply,
  ObjectAdded, ObjectRemoved, ModelRowColumnCountRequest, ModelContentRequest,
  ModelHeaderRequest, ModelSetDataRequest, ModelSortRequest, ModelSyncBarrier,
  SelectionModelStateRequest, ModelRowColumnCountReply, ModelContentReply, ModelContentChanged,
  ModelHeaderReply, ModelHeaderChanged, ModelRowsAdded, ModelRowsMoved,
  ModelRowsRemoved, ModelColumnsAdded, ModelColumnsMoved, ModelColumnsRemoved,
  ModelReset, ModelLayoutChanged, SelectionModelSelect, SelectionModelCurrent,
  MethodCall, PropertySyncRequest, PropertyValuesChanged, ServerInfo,
  ProbeSettings, ServerAddress, MESSAGE_TYPE_COUNT


qint32 broadcastFormatVersion ()
ModelIndex fromQModelIndex (const QModelIndex &index)
QModelIndex toQModelIndex (const QAbstractItemModel *model, const ModelIndex &index)
qint32 version ()


static const MessageType InvalidMessageType = 0
static const ObjectAddress InvalidObjectAddress = 0
static const ObjectAddress LauncherAddress = std::numeric_limits<ObjectAddress>::max()

Detailed Description

Helper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server.

Function Documentation

qint32 GammaRay::Protocol::broadcastFormatVersion ( )

Broadcast format version.

ModelIndex GammaRay::Protocol::fromQModelIndex ( const QModelIndex index)

Serializes a QModelIndex.

QModelIndex GammaRay::Protocol::toQModelIndex ( const QAbstractItemModel model,
const ModelIndex index 

Deserializes a QModelIndex.

qint32 GammaRay::Protocol::version ( )

Protocol version, must match exactly between client and server.

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