GammaRay API Documentation  2.7.0
GammaRay::Util Namespace Reference

GammaRay utilities. More...


QString addressToString (const void *p)
bool descendantOf (const QObject *ascendant, const QObject *object)
QString displayString (const QObject *object)
void drawTransparencyPattern (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect, int squareSize=8)
GAMMARAY_CORE_DEPRECATED_EXPORT QString enumToString (const QVariant &value, const char *typeName, const QObject *object)
template<typename T >
T * findParentOfType (QObject *object)
QVariant iconForObject (const QObject *object)
QString prettyMethodSignature (const QMetaMethod &method)
QString shortDisplayString (const QObject *object)
int signalIndexToMethodIndex (const QMetaObject *metaObject, int signalIndex)
QString tooltipForObject (const QObject *object)

Detailed Description

GammaRay utilities.

Function Documentation

QString GammaRay::Util::addressToString ( const void *  p)

Returns a string version (as a hex number starting with "0x") of the memory address p.

pis a pointer to an address in memory.
a QString containing the human readable address string.
bool GammaRay::Util::descendantOf ( const QObject ascendant,
const QObject object 

Determines if the QObject obj is a descendant of the QObject ascendant.

ascendantis a pointer to a QObject.
objectis a pointer to a QObject.
true if obj is a descendant of ascendant; false otherwise.
QString GammaRay::Util::displayString ( const QObject object)

Returns a human readable string name of the specified QObject. This does include the type name.

objectis a pointer to a valid or null QObject.
a QString containing the human readable display string.
void GammaRay::Util::drawTransparencyPattern ( QPainter painter,
const QRect rect,
int  squareSize = 8 

Draws a transparency pattern, i.e. the common checkerboard pattern into rect.

size The size of the individual checkerboard squares.

GAMMARAY_CORE_DEPRECATED_EXPORT QString GammaRay::Util::enumToString ( const QVariant value,
const char *  typeName,
const QObject object 

Translates an enum or flag value into a human readable text.

valueThe numerical value. Type information from the QVariant are used to find the corresponding QMetaEnum.
typeNameUse this if the value has type int (e.g. the case for QMetaProperty::read).
objectAdditional QObject to search for QMetaEnums.
a QString containing the string version of the specified value.
Use EnumUtils::enumToString.
template<typename T >
T* GammaRay::Util::findParentOfType ( QObject object)

Finds the parent QObject of the specified type T, if such exists.

objectis a pointer to a QObject.
zero on failure; else a pointer to a data type T.
QVariant GammaRay::Util::iconForObject ( const QObject object)

Returns an icon for the given object. In normal operation a QIcon is returned containing the icon most closely associated with the data type pointed to by object

objectis a pointer to a QObject.
on failure QVariant() is returned; else a QIcon
QString GammaRay::Util::prettyMethodSignature ( const QMetaMethod method)

Returns a display string for method. This includes return types and argument names, if available.

QString GammaRay::Util::shortDisplayString ( const QObject object)

Short display string for a QObject, either the object name or the address. This does not include the type name.

objectvalid or 0 QObject
int GammaRay::Util::signalIndexToMethodIndex ( const QMetaObject metaObject,
int  signalIndex 

Turns a signal index into a method index. Signals indexes are used internally by QObject as an optimization and are usually not exposed in public API. If you get them nevertheless, by using internals of QObject this method turns them into method indexes that work with public QMetaObject API.

metaObjectThe meta object the signal belongs so
QString GammaRay::Util::tooltipForObject ( const QObject object)

Returns a suitable rich text tooltip string for object.

objecta pointer to a valid or null QObject.

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