GammaRay API Documentation  2.8.0
GammaRay::ProbeFinder Namespace Reference

Functions to locate a suitable probe. More...


ProbeABI findBestMatchingABI (const ProbeABI &targetABI)
ProbeABI findBestMatchingABI (const ProbeABI &targetABI, const QVector< ProbeABI > &availableABIs)
QString findProbe (const ProbeABI &probeAbi, const QStringList &searchRoots=QStringList())
QVector< ProbeABIlistProbeABIs ()

Detailed Description

Functions to locate a suitable probe.

Function Documentation

◆ findBestMatchingABI()

ProbeABI GammaRay::ProbeFinder::findBestMatchingABI ( const ProbeABI targetABI)

Find the best matching probe for the given targetABI. An invalid ProbeABI instance is returned if there is no compatible probe installed.

◆ findProbe()

QString GammaRay::ProbeFinder::findProbe ( const ProbeABI probeAbi,
const QStringList searchRoots = QStringList() 

Attempts to find the full path of the probe DLL with ABI probeAbi, considering the additional search paths searchRoots.

◆ listProbeABIs()

QVector<ProbeABI> GammaRay::ProbeFinder::listProbeABIs ( )

List all available probe ABIs.

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