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All classes in KD Gantt are located in this namespace.


class  AbstractGrid
 Abstract baseclass for grids. A grid is used to convert between QModelIndex'es and gantt chart values (doubles) and to paint the background and header of the view. More...
class  AbstractRowController
 Abstract baseclass for row controllers. A row controller is used by the GraphicsView to nagivate the model and to determine the row geometries. More...
class  Constraint
 A class used to represent a dependency. More...
class  ConstraintGraphicsItem
class  ConstraintModel
class  ConstraintProxy
class  DateTimeGrid
class  DateTimeScaleFormatter
class  DateTimeSpan
class  ForwardingProxyModel
class  GraphicsItem
class  GraphicsScene
class  GraphicsView
 The GraphicsView class provides a model/view implementation of a gantt chart. More...
class  ItemDelegate
 Class used to render gantt items in a KDGantt::GraphicsView. More...
class  Legend
 Legend showing an image and a description for Gantt items. More...
class  ListViewRowController
class  ProxyModel
class  Span
 A class representing a start point and a length. More...
class  StyleOptionGanttItem
 QStyleOption subclass for gantt items. More...
class  SummaryHandlingProxyModel
 Proxy model that supports summary gantt items. More...
class  TreeViewRowController
class  View
 This widget that consists of a QTreeView and a GraphicsView. More...


enum  ItemDataRole {
  KDGanttRoleBase = Qt::UserRole + 1174,
  StartTimeRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 1,
  EndTimeRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 2,
  TaskCompletionRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 3,
  ItemTypeRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 4,
  LegendRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 5,
  TextPositionRole = KDGanttRoleBase + 6
enum  ItemType {
  TypeNone = 0,
  TypeEvent = 1,
  TypeTask = 2,
  TypeSummary = 3,
  TypeMulti = 4,
  TypeUser = 1000


bool operator!= (const DateTimeSpan &s1, const DateTimeSpan &s2)
bool operator!= (const Span &s1, const Span &s2)
bool operator== (const DateTimeSpan &s1, const DateTimeSpan &s2)
bool operator== (const Span &s1, const Span &s2)
uint qHash (const Constraint &c)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum KDGantt::ItemDataRole

The values of this enum are used for the special data roles for gantt items

KDGantt::KDGanttRoleBase The base value used for the KDGantt role enum values. The actual roles have values base+1, base+2, ...

KDGantt::StartTimeRole Start time (or other start value) for a gantt item.

KDGantt::EndTimeRole End time (or other end value) for a gantt item.

KDGantt::TaskCompletionRole Task completetion percentage used by Task items. Should be an integer og a double between 0 and 100.

KDGantt::ItemTypeRole The item type.

See also:
KDGantt::TextPositionRole The position of the text label on the item. The type of this value is KDGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::Position and the default values is Right.

Definition at line 203 of file kdganttglobal.h.

00203                   {
00204     enum ItemDataRole {
00205         KDGanttRoleBase     = Qt::UserRole + 1174,
00206         StartTimeRole       = KDGanttRoleBase + 1,
00207         EndTimeRole         = KDGanttRoleBase + 2,
00208         TaskCompletionRole  = KDGanttRoleBase + 3,
00209         ItemTypeRole        = KDGanttRoleBase + 4,
00210         LegendRole          = KDGanttRoleBase + 5,
00211         TextPositionRole    = KDGanttRoleBase + 6

enum KDGantt::ItemType

The values of this enum are used to represent the different types of gantt items that KDGantt understands. The itemtype is served through the KDGantt::ItemTypeRole role


Definition at line 212 of file kdganttglobal.h.

00213                   {
00214         TypeNone    = 0,
00215         TypeEvent   = 1,
00216         TypeTask    = 2,
00217         TypeSummary = 3,
00218         TypeMulti   = 4,
00219         TypeUser    = 1000

Function Documentation

bool KDGantt::operator!= ( const DateTimeSpan &  s1,
const DateTimeSpan &  s2 

Definition at line 277 of file kdganttglobal.h.

References KDGantt::DateTimeSpan::equals().

00277 { return s1.equals( s2 ); }

bool KDGantt::operator!= ( const Span &  s1,
const Span &  s2 

Definition at line 251 of file kdganttglobal.h.

References KDGantt::Span::equals().

00251 { return s1.equals( s2 ); }

bool KDGantt::operator== ( const DateTimeSpan &  s1,
const DateTimeSpan &  s2 

Definition at line 276 of file kdganttglobal.h.

Referenced by KDChart::ValueTrackerAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::ThreeDPieAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::ThreeDLineAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::ThreeDBarAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::TextAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::StockBarAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::RulerAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::Position::operator!=(), KDChart::PieAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::Measure::operator!=(), KDChart::LineAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::LeveyJenningsGridAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::GridAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::FrameAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::DataValueAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::BarAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::BackgroundAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::AbstractThreeDAttributes::operator!=(), KDChart::ThreeDPieAttributes::operator==(), KDChart::ThreeDLineAttributes::operator==(), and KDChart::ThreeDBarAttributes::operator==().

00277 { return s1.equals( s2 ); }

bool KDGantt::operator== ( const Span &  s1,
const Span &  s2 

Definition at line 250 of file kdganttglobal.h.

Referenced by KDGantt::Constraint::operator!=().

00251 { return s1.equals( s2 ); }

uint KDGantt::qHash ( const Constraint &  c  ) 

Definition at line 89 of file kdganttconstraint.h.

References KDGantt::Constraint::hash().

Referenced by KDGantt::Constraint::hash(), and KDAB_SCOPED_UNITTEST_SIMPLE().

00089 {return c.hash();}

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