KD Chart 2  [rev.2.6]
KDChart::PaintingHelpers Namespace Reference


void paintAreas (AbstractDiagram::Private *diagramPrivate, PaintContext *ctx, const QModelIndex &index, const QList< QPolygonF > &areas, uint opacity)
void paintElements (AbstractDiagram::Private *diagramPrivate, PaintContext *ctx, const LabelPaintCache &lpc, const LineAttributesInfoList &lineList)
void paintPolyline (PaintContext *ctx, const QBrush &brush, const QPen &pen, const QPolygonF &points)
void paintThreeDLines (PaintContext *ctx, AbstractDiagram *diagram, const QModelIndex &index, const QPointF &from, const QPointF &to, const ThreeDLineAttributes &tdAttributes, ReverseMapper *reverseMapper)
void paintValueTracker (PaintContext *ctx, const ValueTrackerAttributes &vt, const QPointF &at)
const QPointF project (const QPointF &point, const ThreeDLineAttributes &tdAttributes)
static ThreeDLineAttributes threeDLineAttributes (AbstractDiagram *diagram, const QModelIndex &index)
static ValueTrackerAttributes valueTrackerAttributes (AbstractDiagram *diagram, const QModelIndex &index)

Function Documentation

void KDChart::PaintingHelpers::paintAreas ( AbstractDiagram::Private *  diagramPrivate,
PaintContext ctx,
const QModelIndex &  index,
const QList< QPolygonF > &  areas,
uint  opacity 
void KDChart::PaintingHelpers::paintElements ( AbstractDiagram::Private *  diagramPrivate,
PaintContext ctx,
const LabelPaintCache &  lpc,
const LineAttributesInfoList &  lineList 
void KDChart::PaintingHelpers::paintPolyline ( PaintContext ctx,
const QBrush &  brush,
const QPen &  pen,
const QPolygonF &  points 
void KDChart::PaintingHelpers::paintThreeDLines ( PaintContext ctx,
AbstractDiagram diagram,
const QModelIndex &  index,
const QPointF &  from,
const QPointF &  to,
const ThreeDLineAttributes tdAttributes,
ReverseMapper reverseMapper 
void KDChart::PaintingHelpers::paintValueTracker ( PaintContext ctx,
const ValueTrackerAttributes vt,
const QPointF &  at 
const QPointF KDChart::PaintingHelpers::project ( const QPointF &  point,
const ThreeDLineAttributes tdAttributes 

Projects a point in a space defined by its x, y, and z coordinates into a point on a plane, given two rotation angles around the x resp. y axis.

Definition at line 47 of file PaintingHelpers_p.cpp.

References KDChart::AbstractThreeDAttributes::depth(), KDChart::ThreeDLineAttributes::lineXRotation(), and KDChart::ThreeDLineAttributes::lineYRotation().

Referenced by paintThreeDLines().

static ThreeDLineAttributes KDChart::PaintingHelpers::threeDLineAttributes ( AbstractDiagram diagram,
const QModelIndex &  index 

Definition at line 184 of file PaintingHelpers_p.cpp.

Referenced by paintAreas(), and paintElements().

static ValueTrackerAttributes KDChart::PaintingHelpers::valueTrackerAttributes ( AbstractDiagram diagram,
const QModelIndex &  index 

Definition at line 195 of file PaintingHelpers_p.cpp.

Referenced by paintElements().

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