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KDChart::PositionPoints Class Reference

Stores the absolute target points of a Position. More...

#include <KDChartPosition.h>

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Public Member Functions

const qreal degrees (KDChartEnums::PositionValue pos) const
bool isNull () const
const QPointF point (Position position) const
 PositionPoints ()
 PositionPoints (QPointF center, QPointF northWest, QPointF north, QPointF northEast, QPointF east, QPointF southEast, QPointF south, QPointF southWest, QPointF west)
 PositionPoints (const QPointF &onePointForAllPositions)
 PositionPoints (const QRectF &rect)
 PositionPoints (QPointF northWest, QPointF northEast, QPointF southEast, QPointF southWest)
void setDegrees (KDChartEnums::PositionValue pos, qreal degrees)

Public Attributes

QMap< KDChartEnums::PositionValue, qreal > mapOfDegrees
QPointF mPositionCenter
QPointF mPositionEast
QPointF mPositionNorth
QPointF mPositionNorthEast
QPointF mPositionNorthWest
QPointF mPositionSouth
QPointF mPositionSouthEast
QPointF mPositionSouthWest
QPointF mPositionUnknown
QPointF mPositionWest

Detailed Description

Stores the absolute target points of a Position.

Definition at line 145 of file KDChartPosition.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChart::PositionPoints::PositionPoints ( )

Definition at line 148 of file KDChartPosition.h.

KDChart::PositionPoints::PositionPoints ( QPointF  center,
QPointF  northWest,
QPointF  north,
QPointF  northEast,
QPointF  east,
QPointF  southEast,
QPointF  south,
QPointF  southWest,
QPointF  west 

Definition at line 150 of file KDChartPosition.h.

KDChart::PositionPoints::PositionPoints ( const QPointF &  onePointForAllPositions)

Definition at line 170 of file KDChartPosition.h.

KDChart::PositionPoints::PositionPoints ( const QRectF &  rect)

Definition at line 182 of file KDChartPosition.h.

KDChart::PositionPoints::PositionPoints ( QPointF  northWest,
QPointF  northEast,
QPointF  southEast,
QPointF  southWest 

Definition at line 196 of file KDChartPosition.h.

Member Function Documentation

const qreal KDChart::PositionPoints::degrees ( KDChartEnums::PositionValue  pos) const

Definition at line 218 of file KDChartPosition.h.

bool KDChart::PositionPoints::isNull ( ) const

Definition at line 256 of file KDChartPosition.h.

Referenced by KDChart::RelativePosition::setReferencePoints().

const QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::point ( Position  position) const
void KDChart::PositionPoints::setDegrees ( KDChartEnums::PositionValue  pos,
qreal  degrees 

Definition at line 212 of file KDChartPosition.h.

Referenced by labelAttachmentLine().

Member Data Documentation

QMap<KDChartEnums::PositionValue, qreal> KDChart::PositionPoints::mapOfDegrees

Definition at line 281 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionCenter

Definition at line 272 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionEast

Definition at line 276 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionNorth

Definition at line 274 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionNorthEast

Definition at line 275 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionNorthWest

Definition at line 273 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionSouth

Definition at line 278 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionSouthEast

Definition at line 277 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionSouthWest

Definition at line 279 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionUnknown

Definition at line 271 of file KDChartPosition.h.

QPointF KDChart::PositionPoints::mPositionWest

Definition at line 280 of file KDChartPosition.h.

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