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KDGantt::Constraint Class Reference

A class used to represent a dependency. More...

#include <kdganttconstraint.h>

Public Types

enum  ConstraintDataRole {
  ValidConstraintPen = Qt::UserRole,
typedef QMap< int, QVariant > DataMap
enum  RelationType {
  FinishStart = 0,
  FinishFinish = 1,
  StartStart = 2,
  StartFinish = 3
enum  Type {
  TypeSoft = 0,
  TypeHard = 1

Public Member Functions

bool compareIndexes (const Constraint &other) const
 Constraint ()
 Constraint (const QModelIndex &idx1, const QModelIndex &idx2, Type type=TypeSoft, RelationType relType=FinishStart, const DataMap &datamap=DataMap())
 Constraint (const Constraint &other)
QVariant data (int role) const
QMap< int, QVariant > dataMap () const
QDebug debug (QDebug dbg) const
QModelIndex endIndex () const
uint hash () const
bool operator!= (const Constraint &other) const
Constraintoperator= (const Constraint &other)
bool operator== (const Constraint &other) const
RelationType relationType () const
void setData (int role, const QVariant &value)
void setDataMap (const QMap< int, QVariant > &datamap)
QModelIndex startIndex () const
Type type () const
 ~Constraint ()

Detailed Description

A class used to represent a dependency.

Instances of this class represent a dependency between the data items pointed to by a start-QModelIndex and an end-QModelIndex.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QMap<int, QVariant> KDGantt::Constraint::DataMap

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Data roles used when specifying the pen to draw constraints with.

See also

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This enum is unused for now.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constraint::Constraint ( )

Default constructor, created an invalid constraint.

Definition at line 93 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.


Constraint::Constraint ( const QModelIndex &  idx1,
const QModelIndex &  idx2,
Constraint::Type  type = TypeSoft,
Constraint::RelationType  relationType = FinishStart,
const DataMap datamap = DataMap() 

Constructor. Creates a dependency for idx2 on idx1.

typecontrols if the constraint is a soft one that is allowed to be broken (ie, go backwards in time) or a hard constraint that will not allow the user to move an item so that the constraint would have to go backwards. The default is TypeSoft.

Actually enforcing hard constraints is the responsibility of the AbstractGrid subclass used in the view.

relationTypedefines how the tasks depends on each other. relationType can be FinishStart (default), FinishFinish, StartStart or StartFinish.

Definition at line 77 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

References relationType(), and type().

Constraint::Constraint ( const Constraint other)


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Constraint::~Constraint ( )


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Member Function Documentation

bool Constraint::compareIndexes ( const Constraint other) const
QVariant Constraint::data ( int  role) const
The data associated with this index for the specified role.
roleThe role to fetch the data for.
See also

Definition at line 144 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

Referenced by KDGantt::ConstraintGraphicsItem::ganttToolTip(), and operator<<().

QMap< int, QVariant > Constraint::dataMap ( ) const
QDebug Constraint::debug ( QDebug  dbg) const

Definition at line 203 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

Referenced by operator<<().

QModelIndex Constraint::endIndex ( ) const
uint Constraint::hash ( ) const

Definition at line 191 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

References KDGantt::qHash().

Referenced by KDGantt::qHash().

bool KDGantt::Constraint::operator!= ( const Constraint other) const

Definition at line 87 of file kdganttconstraint.h.

References d, and KDGantt::operator==().

Constraint & Constraint::operator= ( const Constraint other)

Assignment operator.

Definition at line 110 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

bool Constraint::operator== ( const Constraint other) const

Compare two Constraint objects. Two Constraints are equal if the have the same start and end indexes

Definition at line 184 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

Constraint::RelationType Constraint::relationType ( ) const
void Constraint::setData ( int  role,
const QVariant &  value 

Set data on this index for the specified role.

roleThe role to set the data for.
valueThe data to set on the index.
See also

Definition at line 154 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

void Constraint::setDataMap ( const QMap< int, QVariant > &  datamap)

Set data on this constraint to the keys/values in datamap. Clears any existing data from the constraint.

Definition at line 162 of file kdganttconstraint.cpp.

QModelIndex Constraint::startIndex ( ) const
Constraint::Type Constraint::type ( ) const

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