KD Chart 2  [rev.2.6]
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Implementation directory of KDChart.


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directory  KDChart
directory  KDGantt

Detailed Description

Implementation directory of KDChart.

This directory contains the header files and the source files of both, the private and the public classes.

Only classes that have an include wrapper in the $KDCHARTDIR/include directory are part of the supported API. All other classes are to be considered as implemntation details, they could be changed in future versions of KDChart without notice.

In other words: No class that is not mentioned in the $KDCHARTDIR/include directory may be directly used by your application.

The recommended way to include classes of the KDChart API is including them by class name, so instead of including KDChartChart.h you would say:

#include <KDChartChart>

When following this there is no reason to include the $KDCHARTDIR/src directory, it is sufficient to include $KDCHARTDIR/include

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