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KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2 Class Reference

#include <KDReportsXmlElementHandlerV2.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool variable (KDReports::VariableType &type, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool vspace (int &size, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool hLineElement (KDReports::HLineElement &hLineElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool paragraphMargin (qreal &left, qreal &top, qreal &right, qreal &bottom, const QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool tabs (QList< QTextOption::Tab > &tabs, const QDomElement &xmlElement)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KDReports::XmlElementHandler
virtual bool startReport (KDReports::Report &report, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool startHeader (KDReports::Header &header, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual void endHeader (KDReports::Header &header, const QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool startFooter (KDReports::Footer &footer, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual void endFooter (KDReports::Footer &footer, const QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool textElement (KDReports::TextElement &textElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool htmlElement (KDReports::HtmlElement &htmlElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool startTableElement (KDReports::TableElement &tableElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool endTableElement (KDReports::TableElement &tableElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool startCell (KDReports::Cell &cell, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool endCell (KDReports::Cell &cell, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool autoTableElement (KDReports::AutoTableElement &tableElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool chartElement (KDReports::ChartElement &chartElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool imageElement (KDReports::ImageElement &imageElement, QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual bool pageBreak (QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual void customElement (const QDomElement &xmlElement)
virtual void endReport (KDReports::Report &report, const QDomElement &xmlElement)
KDReports::ErrorDetails errorDetails ()
void setErrorDetails (const KDReports::ErrorDetails &details)

Detailed Description

This handler handle more item than XmlElementHandler.

See also

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2::hLineElement ( KDReports::HLineElement hLineElement,
QDomElement &  xmlElement 

Called after parsing a "hline". Returning false skips the whole line. Can be used to change hline attributes.

virtual bool KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2::paragraphMargin ( qreal &  left,
qreal &  top,
qreal &  right,
qreal &  bottom,
const QDomElement &  xmlElement 

Called after parsing a "paragraph-margins". Returning false skips the paragraph margin.

virtual bool KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2::tabs ( QList< QTextOption::Tab > &  tabs,
const QDomElement &  xmlElement 

Called after parsing a "tabs" Returning false skips tabs

virtual bool KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2::variable ( KDReports::VariableType type,
QDomElement &  xmlElement 

Called after parsing "variable".

virtual bool KDReports::XmlElementHandlerV2::vspace ( int &  size,
QDomElement &  xmlElement 

Called after parsing "vspace" Can be used to modify vertical space size Returning false skip the vertical space

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