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KDSoapEndpointReference Class Reference

#include <KDSoapEndpointReference.h>

Public Member Functions

 KDSoapEndpointReference (const QString &address=QString())
 KDSoapEndpointReference (const KDSoapEndpointReference &other)
KDSoapEndpointReferenceoperator= (const KDSoapEndpointReference &other)
 ~KDSoapEndpointReference ()
QString address () const
void setAddress (const QString &address)
KDSoapValueList referenceParameters () const
void setReferenceParameters (const KDSoapValueList &referenceParameters)
KDSoapValueList metadata () const
void setMetadata (const KDSoapValueList &metadata)
bool isEmpty () const

Detailed Description

KDSoapEndpointReference is the abstraction class to hold an Endpoint Reference properties.

See also
: http://www.w3.org/TR/ws-addr-core/#eprinfoset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDSoapEndpointReference::KDSoapEndpointReference ( const QString &  address = QString())

Construct a KDSoapEndpointReference object with the given address If no address is given, then an empty QString is taken

KDSoapEndpointReference::KDSoapEndpointReference ( const KDSoapEndpointReference other)

Copy constructor of KDSoapEndpointReference

KDSoapEndpointReference::~KDSoapEndpointReference ( )

Destroys the object and frees up any resource used.

Member Function Documentation

KDSoapEndpointReference & KDSoapEndpointReference::operator= ( const KDSoapEndpointReference other)

Copy the content of the KDSoapEndpointReference from other to the object

QString KDSoapEndpointReference::address ( ) const

Returns the address

void KDSoapEndpointReference::setAddress ( const QString &  address)

Sets the address of the endpoint reference

KDSoapValueList KDSoapEndpointReference::referenceParameters ( ) const

Return the reference parameters, which can be of any types so we return a KDSoapValueList.

void KDSoapEndpointReference::setReferenceParameters ( const KDSoapValueList referenceParameters)

Sets the reference parameters

KDSoapValueList KDSoapEndpointReference::metadata ( ) const

Return the meta data, which can be of any types so we return a KDSoapValueList

void KDSoapEndpointReference::setMetadata ( const KDSoapValueList metadata)

Sets the meta data

bool KDSoapEndpointReference::isEmpty ( ) const

Return true when the address has not been set

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