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KDSoapFaultException Class Reference

#include <KDSoapFaultException.h>

Public Member Functions

void deserialize (const KDSoapValue &mainValue)
QString faultCode () const
void setFaultCode (const QString &faultCode)
QString faultString () const
void setFaultString (const QString &faultString)
QString faultActor () const
void setFaultActor (const QString &faultActor)
KDSoapValue detailValue () const
void setDetailValue (const KDSoapValue &detailValue)
 KDSoapFaultException ()
 KDSoapFaultException (const KDSoapFaultException &cpy)
 KDSoapFaultException (const QString &faultCode, const QString &faultString, const QString &faultActor=QString())
KDSoapFaultExceptionoperator= (const KDSoapFaultException &other)
 ~KDSoapFaultException ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const KDSoapValuefaultDetails (const KDSoapValue &faultValue)

Detailed Description

KDSoapFaultException is the base class for exceptions representing a fault element. So far supporting only SOAP 1.1 version which mean the following attributes : <faultcode>, <faultstring>, <faultfactor>, <detail>

The <detail> tag optionally contains specific serialized fault information. represented as an exception in the client side.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDSoapFaultException::KDSoapFaultException ( )


KDSoapFaultException::KDSoapFaultException ( const KDSoapFaultException cpy)

Copy constructor

KDSoapFaultException::KDSoapFaultException ( const QString &  faultCode,
const QString &  faultString,
const QString &  faultActor = QString() 

Constructs a KDSoapFaultException according to the SOAP 1.1 attriutes.

faultCodea code for identifying the fault
faultStringa human readable explanation of the fault
faultActorinformation about who caused the fault to happen
KDSoapFaultException::~KDSoapFaultException ( )


Member Function Documentation

void KDSoapFaultException::deserialize ( const KDSoapValue mainValue)

Reconstructs the KDSoapFaultException object from a KDSoapValue.

mainValueKDSoapValue represents the fault tag element
const KDSoapValue & KDSoapFaultException::faultDetails ( const KDSoapValue faultValue)

Returns the KDSoapValue representing the <detail> tag from the parameter.

faultValueRepresent the <fault> tag in the SOAP protocol
QString KDSoapFaultException::faultCode ( ) const

Returns the fault code.

void KDSoapFaultException::setFaultCode ( const QString &  faultCode)

Set the code of the fault.

faultCodeCode of the fault
QString KDSoapFaultException::faultString ( ) const

Returns the human readable fault string of the fault.

void KDSoapFaultException::setFaultString ( const QString &  faultString)

Set the human-readable QString of the fault.

faultStringHuman-readable message
QString KDSoapFaultException::faultActor ( ) const

Returns the fault actor of the fault as a QString

void KDSoapFaultException::setFaultActor ( const QString &  faultActor)

Set the fault actor with a string.

faultActorinformation about who caused the fault to happen
KDSoapValue KDSoapFaultException::detailValue ( ) const

Returns the <detail> tag of the fault element as a KDSoapValue. When the fault is generic, return an empty KDSoapValue. When the fault is specific the KDSoapValue optionally contains specific serialized fault information.

void KDSoapFaultException::setDetailValue ( const KDSoapValue detailValue)

Set the KDSoapValue of the fault.

detailValueKDSoapValue representing the <detail> tag of a fault message
KDSoapFaultException & KDSoapFaultException::operator= ( const KDSoapFaultException other)

Assignment operator

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