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KDSoapThreadPool Class Reference

#include <KDSoapThreadPool.h>

Inherits QObject.

Public Member Functions

 KDSoapThreadPool (QObject *parent=0)
 ~KDSoapThreadPool ()
void setMaxThreadCount (int maxThreadCount)
int maxThreadCount () const
int numConnectedSockets (const KDSoapServer *server) const
int totalConnectionCount (const KDSoapServer *server) const
void resetTotalConnectionCount (const KDSoapServer *server)
void disconnectSockets (KDSoapServer *server)

Detailed Description

Pool of threads that can be used to handle SOAP requests in a SOAP server. The thread pool is configured with a maximum number of threads.

In case the server application provides different services on different ports, it can decide to use the same thread pool for both services, in order to always respect the maximum number of threads globally.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDSoapThreadPool::KDSoapThreadPool ( QObject *  parent = 0)

Constructs a thread pool with the given parent.

KDSoapThreadPool::~KDSoapThreadPool ( )

Destructs the thread pool, after ensuring that all threads finish properly.

Member Function Documentation

void KDSoapThreadPool::setMaxThreadCount ( int  maxThreadCount)

Sets the maximum number of threads used by the thread pool. Note: The thread pool will always use at least 1 thread, even if maxThreadCount limit is zero or negative. The default maxThreadCount is QThread::idealThreadCount().

int KDSoapThreadPool::maxThreadCount ( ) const

Returns the maximum number of threads used by the thread pool.

int KDSoapThreadPool::numConnectedSockets ( const KDSoapServer server) const

Returns the number of connected sockets for a given server

int KDSoapThreadPool::totalConnectionCount ( const KDSoapServer server) const

Returns the number of sockets that have connected to the given server, in this threadpool, since the last call to resetTotalConnectionCount().

void KDSoapThreadPool::resetTotalConnectionCount ( const KDSoapServer server)

Resets totalConnectionCount to 0.

void KDSoapThreadPool::disconnectSockets ( KDSoapServer server)

Disconnect all connected sockets for a given server

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