KDStateMachineEditor  1.1.0
A framework for creating Qt State Machine metacode using a graphical user interface
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KDSME::AbstractImporter Class Referenceabstract
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struct  Private

Public Member Functions

virtual StateMachineimport ()=0
QString errorString () const

Protected Member Functions

void setErrorString (const QString &errorString)

Member Function Documentation

QString AbstractImporter::errorString ( ) const

Returns a human readable description of the last error that occurred.

virtual StateMachine* KDSME::AbstractImporter::import ( )
pure virtual

Imports the state machine

Ownership of the object is transferred to the caller
On success, the pointer to the KDSME::StateMachine instance is returned, otherwise null
See also

Implemented in KDSME::ScxmlImporter.

void AbstractImporter::setErrorString ( const QString &  errorString)

Sets the human readable description of the last device error that occurred to errorString

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