KDStateMachineEditor  1.1.0
A framework for creating Qt State Machine metacode using a graphical user interface
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KDSME::Element Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for KDSME::Element:
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Public Types

enum  Type {
  ElementType, TransitionType, SignalTransitionType, TimeoutTransitionType,
  StateType, StateMachineType, HistoryStateType, FinalStateType,
enum  Flag { NoFlags = 0x0, ElementIsDragEnabled = 0x1, ElementIsSelectable = 0x2, ElementIsEditable = 0x4 }


void parentChanged (Element *parent)
void flagsChanged (Flags flags)
void labelChanged (const QString &label)
void posChanged (const QPointF &pos)
void heightChanged (qreal height)
void widthChanged (qreal width)
void visibleChanged (bool visible)
void selectedChanged (bool selected)

Public Member Functions

 Element (QObject *parent=nullptr)
virtual Type type () const
Flags flags () const
void setFlags (Flags flags)
QString label () const
void setLabel (const QString &label)
quintptr internalId () const
void setInternalId (quintptr id)
void setInternalPointer (void *ptr)
void * internalPointer () const
QPointF pos () const
void setPos (const QPointF &pos)
qreal height () const
void setHeight (qreal height)
qreal width () const
void setWidth (qreal width)
QPointF absolutePos () const
bool isVisible () const
void setVisible (bool visible)
bool isSelected () const
void setSelected (bool selected)
QSizeF preferredSize () const
virtual QRectF boundingRect () const
ElementparentElement () const
void setParentElement (Element *parent)
void setParent (QObject *object)
QList< Element * > childElements () const
virtual QString toDisplayString () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Q_INVOKABLE const char * typeToString (Type type)
static Q_INVOKABLE Type stringToType (const char *type)


KDSME::Element parent
Type type
Flags flags
QString label
QPointF pos
 The position of the element from the top-left corner.
qreal width
qreal height
bool visible
 Whether this item is visible in the scene.
bool selected
 Whether this item is marked as selected.

Member Function Documentation

quintptr Element::internalId ( ) const

Internal ID (e.g. memory address)

Internal id you can use to keep a mapping between elements and your data structures

QString KDSME::Element::label ( ) const

Label of this state (required to be unique)

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