KDStateMachineEditor  1.1.0
A framework for creating Qt State Machine metacode using a graphical user interface
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KDSME::RuntimeController Class Reference
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struct  Private

Public Types

typedef QSet< State * > Configuration


void activeConfigurationChanged (const QSet< State * > &configuration)
void lastTransitionChanged (Transition *transition)
void isRunningChanged (bool isRunning)
void activeRegionChanged (const QRectF &region)

Public Member Functions

 RuntimeController (QObject *parent=nullptr)
Configuration activeConfiguration () const
QList< Configuration > lastConfigurations () const
void setActiveConfiguration (const Configuration &configuration)
QList< Transition * > lastTransitions () const
TransitionlastTransition () const
void setLastTransition (Transition *transition)
bool isRunning () const
void setIsRunning (bool isRunning)
Q_INVOKABLE float activenessForState (KDSME::State *state) const
Q_INVOKABLE float activenessForTransition (KDSME::Transition *transition)
int historySize () const
void setHistorySize (int size)
QRectF activeRegion () const
void clear ()


QSet< KDSME::State * > activeConfiguration
KDSME::Transition lastTransition
bool isRunning
QRectF activeRegion

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