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Kuesa Overview

Kuesa is a solution that provides an integrated and unified workflow for designers and developers to create, optimize and integrate real time 3D content in a 3D or hybrid 2D/3D software user interface. Kuesa is available for both embedded or desktop applications.

Kuesa's workflow

There are traditionally two main workflows to integrate real-time 3D content into an application:

  • Hand-made workflow: the designers create mockups of the scenes and the developers recreate them in code, leading to lots of communication overhead, misunderstandings and suboptimal results.
  • External tool workflow: the designers and developers work on a common tool for editing the scene for integrating into the application limiting both to the constraints of the tool and creating a black box which provides little control.

Kuesa provides an easy, integrated and unified workflow without any compromises for designers and developers with:

  • Great performances, from desktops to embedded boards
  • Great quality of the real-time 3D scenes
  • Full expressiveness for the designers, using professional 3D design tools
  • Full control of the integration by the developers
  • A reduced time to market

The workflow is based on the glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) format designed by the Khronos Group, a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications supporting vendor extension.

Kuesa's strengths

  • Uses professional 3D design tools for scene creation: 3ds Max®, Blender…
  • Provides tools for previewing, optimizing, checking and optimizing assets
  • Provides a seamless integration in Qt and Qt3D applications
  • Gives full control of the scene from the code, for complex interaction

Kuesa components


Kuesa Studio

Kuesa Studio is only available as a commercial package. It is the designer facing part of the Kuesa workflow.

Digital Content Creation Plugins

Kuesa Studio Tools

The Kuesa-Studio comes with a gltf tool to preview and introspect scenes.

It also provides tools to condition assets to integrate as part of the build process.

Kuesa Runtime

It is the developer facing part of the Kuesa workflow.

The Kuesa Runtime is split in a set of libraries that provide different integration points.

  • The core glTF parsing library is Kuesa Core. This library serves as the entry point for building Kuesa integration libraries. Linking to it directly is unlikely to be needed unless you're writing your own integration library.
  • The Qt and Qt 3D integration of Kuesa Qt3D. A commercial Qt License might be required when deploying Qt based applications.
  • Kuesa Studio customer are provided with the Kuesa Studio renderer (codename Serenity) and can make use of Kuesa Serenity. Serenity is a pure C++ library that links to no commercial dependencies.

Video Tutorial

Checkout out our video tutorial on creating an interactive 3D application with Kuesa.

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