GammaRay  2.0.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oNObjectBrokerRetrieve/expose objects independent of whether using in-process or out-of-process UI
 oNObjectMethodModelRoleCustom roles for GammaRay::ObjectMethodModel
 oNObjectModelGammaRay Object Models
 oNPropertyWidgetDisplayStateDisplay mode settings of the property widget
 oNProtocolHelper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server
 oNToolModelRoleCustom roles for GammaRay::ToolModel
 oNUtilGammaRay utilities
 oNVariantHandlerVariant conversion functions, extendable by plugins
 oCDeferredResizeModeSetterSets the resize mode on a QHeaderView section once that section is actually available
 oCDeferredTreeViewConfigurationA utility helper to configure views for remote content
 oCEndpointNetwork protocol endpoint
 oCMetaObjectCompile-time introspection adaptor for non-QObject classes
 oCMetaObjectImplTemplate implementation of MetaObject
 oCMetaObjectRepositoryMetaObject repository
 oCObjectFilterProxyModelBaseA QSortFilterProxyModel for generic Objects
 oCObjectModelBaseA container for a generic Object Model derived from some Base
 oCObjectTypeFilterProxyModelA templated generic ObjectFilterProxyModelBase for some data type
 oCPaletteModelModel showing the content of a QPalette
 oCProbeInterfaceAn abstract interface for accessing the core GammaRay probe
 oCPropertyControllerNon-UI part of the property widget
 oCPropertyControllerInterfaceClient/Server interface of the property editor
 oCPropertyWidgetClient-side counter-part GammaRay::PropertyController
 oCSingleColumnObjectProxyModelA QIdentityProxyModel for generic Objects
 oCStandardToolFactoryA templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and tool
 oCStandardToolFactory2A templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and Tool
 oCStandardToolUiFactoryA templated convenience ToolUiFactory applicable for most use-cases
 oCToolFactoryAn abstract interface for probe tools
 \CToolUiFactoryAn abstract interface for creating the UI parts of probe tools

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