GammaRay  2.0.0
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GammaRay Namespace Reference


 Retrieve/expose objects independent of whether using in-process or out-of-process UI.
 Custom roles for GammaRay::ObjectMethodModel.
 GammaRay Object Models.
 Display mode settings of the property widget.
 Helper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server.
 Custom roles for GammaRay::ToolModel.
 GammaRay utilities.
 Variant conversion functions, extendable by plugins.


class  DeferredResizeModeSetter
 Sets the resize mode on a QHeaderView section once that section is actually available. More...
class  DeferredTreeViewConfiguration
 A utility helper to configure views for remote content. More...
class  Endpoint
 Network protocol endpoint. More...
class  MetaObject
 Compile-time introspection adaptor for non-QObject classes. More...
class  MetaObjectImpl
 Template implementation of MetaObject. More...
class  MetaObjectRepository
 MetaObject repository. More...
class  ObjectFilterProxyModelBase
 A QSortFilterProxyModel for generic Objects. More...
class  ObjectModelBase
 A container for a generic Object Model derived from some Base. More...
class  ObjectTypeFilterProxyModel
 A templated generic ObjectFilterProxyModelBase for some data type. More...
class  PaletteModel
 Model showing the content of a QPalette. More...
class  ProbeInterface
 An abstract interface for accessing the core GammaRay probe. More...
class  PropertyController
 Non-UI part of the property widget. More...
class  PropertyControllerInterface
 Client/Server interface of the property editor. More...
class  PropertyWidget
 Client-side counter-part GammaRay::PropertyController. More...
class  SingleColumnObjectProxyModel
 A QIdentityProxyModel for generic Objects. More...
class  StandardToolFactory
 A templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and tool. More...
class  StandardToolFactory2
 A templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and Tool. More...
class  StandardToolUiFactory
 A templated convenience ToolUiFactory applicable for most use-cases. More...
class  ToolFactory
 An abstract interface for probe tools. More...
class  ToolUiFactory
 An abstract interface for creating the UI parts of probe tools. More...


static const int UserRole = 256

Detailed Description

All GammaRay classes.

Variable Documentation

const int GammaRay::UserRole = 256

Portable replacement for Qt::UserRole. Qt4 uses 32, Qt5 256, use the latter globally to allow combining Qt4/5 client/servers.

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