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GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository Class Reference

MetaObject repository. More...

#include <metaobjectrepository.h>

Public Member Functions

void addMetaObject (MetaObject *mo)
void clear ()
 Clears the content of the meta object repository. More...
bool hasMetaObject (const QString &typeName) const
MetaObjectmetaObject (const QString &typeName) const
MetaObjectmetaObject (const QString &typeName, void *&obj) const
MetaObjectmetaObject (MetaObject *mo, void *&obj) const

Static Public Member Functions

static MetaObjectRepositoryinstance ()

Detailed Description

MetaObject repository.

Repository of compile-time introspection information for stuff not covered by the Qt meta object system.

Member Function Documentation

void GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::addMetaObject ( MetaObject mo)

Adds object type information to the repository.

void GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::clear ( )

Clears the content of the meta object repository.

Call this when removing the probe from a target.

bool GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::hasMetaObject ( const QString typeName) const

Returns whether a meta object is known for the given type name.

static MetaObjectRepository* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::instance ( )

Singleton accessor.

MetaObject* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::metaObject ( const QString typeName) const

Returns the introspection information for the type with the given name.

MetaObject* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::metaObject ( const QString typeName,
void *&  obj 
) const

Returns the introspection information for the given object instance. This behaves as the above function for non-polymorphic types, for polymorphic types it tries to find the most specific derived type for the given instance.

typeNameThe name of the (base) type of obj.
objThe object pointer is modified if necessary for the corresponding type. This is necessary to support multiple inheritance.
MetaObject* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::metaObject ( MetaObject mo,
void *&  obj 
) const

Same as the above method, just using an already looked-up MetaObject.

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