GammaRay API Documentation  2.10.0
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NGammaRayAll GammaRay classes
 NEnumUtilEnum conversion utility functions
 NLauncherFinderUtility function to find the various executables related to the launcher
 NObjectBrokerRetrieve/expose objects independent of whether using in-process or out-of-process UI
 NObjectDataProviderRetrieve basic information about QObject instances
 NObjectModelGammaRay Object Models
 NPathsMethods to determine install locations of the various bits of GammaRay
 NProbeFinderFunctions to locate a suitable probe
 NPropertyWidgetTabPriorityPriority values for property widget extension tabs
 NProtocolHelper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server
 NToolModelRoleCustom roles for GammaRay::ToolModel
 NUtilGammaRay probe utilities
 NVariantHandlerVariant conversion functions, extendable by plugins

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