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GammaRay::AbstractObjectDataProvider Class Referenceabstract

Base class for custom object data providers. More...

#include <objectdataprovider.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual SourceLocation creationLocation (QObject *obj) const =0
 Returns the source location where obj has been created.
virtual SourceLocation declarationLocation (QObject *obj) const =0
 Returns the source location where the type of obj has been declared.
virtual QString name (const QObject *obj) const =0
 Returns a name or identifier for obj.
virtual QString shortTypeName (QObject *obj) const =0
 Returns a shortened type name (e.g. More...
virtual QString typeName (QObject *obj) const =0
 Returns the full name of the type of obj.

Detailed Description

Base class for custom object data providers.

Inherit from this and register at ObjectDataProvider, to support basic QObject information retrieval from dynamic language bindings, such as QML.

Member Function Documentation

◆ shortTypeName()

virtual QString GammaRay::AbstractObjectDataProvider::shortTypeName ( QObject obj) const
pure virtual

Returns a shortened type name (e.g.

excluding namespaces) for obj.

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