GammaRay API Documentation  2.11.3
GammaRay::ObjectDataProvider Namespace Reference

Retrieve basic information about QObject instances. More...


SourceLocation creationLocation (QObject *obj)
 Returns the source location where this object was created, if known.
SourceLocation declarationLocation (QObject *obj)
 Returns the source location where the type of this object was declared, if known.
QString name (const QObject *obj)
 Returns the object name, considering possibly available information from dynamic language runtimes, such as QML ids.
void registerProvider (AbstractObjectDataProvider *provider)
 Register an additional object data provider.
QString shortTypeName (QObject *obj)
 Returns the short type name of obj.
QString typeName (QObject *obj)
 Returns the type name of obj.

Detailed Description

Retrieve basic information about QObject instances.

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