GammaRay API Documentaion  2.6.0
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 NGammaRayAll GammaRay classes
 NProtocolHelper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server
 CItemSelectionRangeProtocol representation of an QItemSelectionRange
 CAbstractObjectDataProviderBase class for custom object data providers. Inherit from this and register at ObjectDataProvider, to support basic QObject information retrieval from dynamic language bindings, such as QML
 CClientConnectionManagerPre-MainWindow connection setup logic
 CClientToolManagerTool Management API for the client to find out, which tools exist, get the tool's widgets, etc
 CEndpointNetwork protocol endpoint
 CLauncherManages launching a target process, injecting the probe and if needed also starting the client application
 CLaunchOptionsDescribes the injection and probe options used for launching/attacing to a host process
 CMetaObjectCompile-time introspection adaptor for non-QObject classes
 CMetaObjectImplTemplate implementation of MetaObject
 CMetaObjectRepositoryMetaObject repository
 CMetaPropertyIntrospectable adaptor to non-QObject properties
 CMetaPropertyImplTemplate-ed implementation of MetaProperty for member properties
 CMetaStaticPropertyImplTemplate-ed implementation of MetaProperty for static properties
 CNetworkDiscoveryModelLists all active server instances found via network autodiscovery
 CObjectFilterProxyModelBaseA QSortFilterProxyModel for generic Objects
 CObjectIdType-safe and cross-process object identifier
 CObjectIdsFilterProxyModelA KRecursiveFilterProxyModel for ObjectIds
 CObjectModelBaseA container for a generic Object Model derived from some Base
 CObjectTypeFilterProxyModelA templated generic ObjectFilterProxyModelBase for some data type
 CProbeABIDescribes a probe ABI. The probe ABI is everything that determines if a probe is compatible with a given target or not
 CProbeABIDetectorDetect the probe ABI required for a given target. A target can be specified as either a process id or a path to an executable to be launched
 CProbeControllerServer-side part for the object property inspector. Use this to integrate a property inspector like in the QObject view into your tool
 CProbeControllerInterfaceProbe and host process remote control functions
 CProbeInterfaceAn abstract interface for accessing the core GammaRay probe
 CPropertyControllerNon-UI part of the property widget
 CPropertyControllerExtensionBase-class for server-side property editor extensions
 CPropertyControllerInterfaceClient/Server interface of the property editor
 CPropertyWidgetClient-side counter-part GammaRay::PropertyController
 CPropertyWidgetTabFactoryTemplate implementation of PropertyWidgetTabFactoryBase
 CPropertyWidgetTabFactoryBaseInterface for tabs in the property widget
 CSignalSpyCallbackSetCallbacks for tracing signal emissions and slot invocation
 CSingleColumnObjectProxyModelA QIdentityProxyModel for generic Objects
 CSourceLocationSpecifies a source code location
 CStandardToolFactoryA templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and tool
 CStandardToolUiFactoryA templated convenience ToolUiFactory applicable for most use-cases
 CToolFactoryAn abstract interface for probe tools
 CToolInfoData structure describing a single GammaRay tool
 CToolUiFactoryAn abstract interface for creating the UI parts of probe tools
 CUiIntegrationInterface for UI plugins to integrate with the client UI. This is especially relevant when the client is embedded inside another application such as an IDE

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