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GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository Class Reference

MetaObject repository. More...

#include <metaobjectrepository.h>

Public Member Functions

void addMetaObject (MetaObject *mo)
void clear ()
 Clears the content of the meta object repository. More...
bool hasMetaObject (const QString &typeName) const
MetaObjectmetaObject (const QString &typeName) const

Static Public Member Functions

static MetaObjectRepositoryinstance ()

Detailed Description

MetaObject repository.

Repository of compile-time introspection information for stuff not covered by the Qt meta object system.

Member Function Documentation

void GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::addMetaObject ( MetaObject mo)

Adds object type information to the repository.

void GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::clear ( )

Clears the content of the meta object repository.

Call this when removing the probe from a target.

bool GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::hasMetaObject ( const QString typeName) const

Returns whether a meta object is known for the given type name.

static MetaObjectRepository* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::instance ( )

Singleton accessor.

MetaObject* GammaRay::MetaObjectRepository::metaObject ( const QString typeName) const

Returns the introspection information for the type with the given name.

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