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GammaRay::ProbeABI Class Reference

Describes a probe ABI. More...

#include <probeabi.h>

Public Member Functions

 ProbeABI (const ProbeABI &other)
QString architecture () const
 Processor architecture.
QString compiler () const
 Compiler ABI is currently only relevant for MSVC vs.
QString compilerVersion () const
 The compiler ABI version is currently only relevant for MSVC.
QString displayString () const
 User-visible name of this ABI.
bool hasQtVersion () const
QString id () const
 Conversion from and to probe ABI identifiers.
bool isCompatible (const ProbeABI &referenceABI) const
 Checks if this is ABI is compatible with referenceABI.
bool isDebug () const
 Debug vs.
bool isValid () const
 Returns if this probe ABI is fully specified.
bool isVersionRelevant () const
 Returns true if the version is changing the ABI.
int majorQtVersion () const
 Qt version.
int minorQtVersion () const
bool operator< (const ProbeABI &rhs) const
 Orders probes by Qt version.
ProbeABIoperator= (const ProbeABI &other)
bool operator== (const ProbeABI &rhs) const
void setArchitecture (const QString &architecture)
void setCompiler (const QString &compiler)
void setCompilerVersion (const QString &compilerVersion)
void setIsDebug (bool debug)
void setQtVersion (int major, int minor)

Static Public Member Functions

static ProbeABI fromString (const QString &id)
static bool isDebugRelevant ()
 Returns true if debug vs.

Detailed Description

Describes a probe ABI.

The probe ABI is everything that determines if a probe is compatible with a given target or not.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compiler()

QString GammaRay::ProbeABI::compiler ( ) const

Compiler ABI is currently only relevant for MSVC vs.


◆ isDebug()

bool GammaRay::ProbeABI::isDebug ( ) const

Debug vs.


◆ isDebugRelevant()

static bool GammaRay::ProbeABI::isDebugRelevant ( )

Returns true if debug vs.

release is changing the ABI.

◆ operator<()

bool GammaRay::ProbeABI::operator< ( const ProbeABI rhs) const

Orders probes by Qt version.

This is useful to pick the best matching one of multiple compatible ones.

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