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GammaRay Namespace Reference

All GammaRay classes. More...


namespace  EnumUtil
 Enum conversion utility functions.
namespace  LauncherFinder
 Utility function to find the various executables related to the launcher.
namespace  ObjectBroker
 Retrieve/expose objects independent of whether using in-process or out-of-process UI.
namespace  ObjectDataProvider
 Retrieve basic information about QObject instances.
namespace  ObjectModel
 GammaRay Object Models.
namespace  Paths
 Methods to determine install locations of the various bits of GammaRay.
namespace  ProbeFinder
 Functions to locate a suitable probe.
namespace  PropertyWidgetTabPriority
 Priority values for property widget extension tabs.
namespace  Protocol
 Helper functions and constants defining the communication protocol between client and server.
namespace  ToolModelRole
 Custom roles for GammaRay::ToolModel.
namespace  Util
 GammaRay probe utilities.
namespace  VariantHandler
 Variant conversion functions, extendable by plugins.


class  AbstractObjectDataProvider
 Base class for custom object data providers. More...
class  AttachDialog
 Widget for selecting a process to attach GammaRay to. More...
class  ClientConnectionManager
 Pre-MainWindow connection setup logic. More...
class  ClientDecorationIdentityProxyModel
 Proxy model for client-side resolution of class icons. More...
class  ClientToolManager
 Tool Management API for the client to find out, which tools exist, get the tool's widgets, etc. More...
class  ConnectPage
 UI for connecting to a running GammaRay instance. More...
class  Endpoint
 Network protocol endpoint. More...
class  EnumDefinition
 Target-independent representation of an enum or flag definition. More...
class  EnumDefinitionElement
 A single element of an EnumDefinition. More...
class  EnumRepository
 Collection of EnumDefinition and on-demand client/server transfer of those. More...
class  EnumRepositoryServer
 Probe-side enum definition management. More...
class  EnumValue
 A target-independent representation of an enum or flag value. More...
class  FavoriteObjectInterface
class  Launcher
 Manages launching a target process, injecting the probe and if needed also starting the client application. More...
class  LauncherWindow
 Widget for launching a new process with GammaRay injected. More...
class  LaunchOptions
 Describes the injection and probe options used for launching/attacing to a host process. More...
class  MetaObject
 Compile-time introspection adaptor for non-QObject classes. More...
class  MetaObjectRepository
 MetaObject repository. More...
class  MetaProperty
 Introspectable adaptor to non-QObject properties. More...
class  NetworkDiscoveryModel
 Lists all active server instances found via network autodiscovery. More...
class  ObjectFilterProxyModelBase
 A QSortFilterProxyModel for generic Objects. More...
class  ObjectId
 Type-safe and cross-process object identifier. More...
class  ObjectIdsFilterProxyModel
 A RecursiveFilterProxyModel for ObjectIds. More...
class  ObjectModelBase
 A container for a generic Object Model derived from some Base. More...
class  ObjectTypeFilterProxyModel
 A templated generic ObjectFilterProxyModelBase for some data type. More...
class  Probe
 Central entity of GammaRay: The probe is tracking the Qt application under test. More...
class  ProbeABI
 Describes a probe ABI. More...
class  ProbeABIDetector
 Detect the probe ABI required for a given target. More...
class  ProbeController
 Server-side part for the object property inspector. Use this to integrate a property inspector like in the QObject view into your tool. More...
class  ProbeControllerInterface
 Probe and host process remote control functions. More...
class  ProcessTracker
class  ProcessTrackerBackend
class  ProcessTrackerInfo
class  PropertyController
 Non-UI part of the property widget. More...
class  PropertyControllerExtension
 Base-class for server-side property editor extensions. More...
class  PropertyControllerInterface
 Client/Server interface of the property editor. More...
class  PropertyEditorDelegate
 Delegate for rendering and editing QVariant property values. More...
class  PropertyWidget
 Client-side counter-part GammaRay::PropertyController. More...
class  PropertyWidgetTabFactory
 Template implementation of PropertyWidgetTabFactoryBase. More...
class  PropertyWidgetTabFactoryBase
 Interface for tabs in the property widget. More...
class  Server
struct  SignalSpyCallbackSet
 Callbacks for tracing signal emissions and slot invocation. More...
class  SingleColumnObjectProxyModel
 A QIdentityProxyModel for generic Objects. More...
class  SourceLocation
 Specifies a source code location. More...
class  StandardToolFactory
 A templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and tool. More...
class  StandardToolUiFactory
 A templated convenience ToolUiFactory applicable for most use-cases. More...
class  ToolFactory
 An abstract interface for probe tools. More...
class  ToolInfo
 Data structure describing a single GammaRay tool. More...
class  ToolUiFactory
 An abstract interface for creating the UI parts of probe tools. More...
class  UiIntegration
 Interface for UI plugins to integrate with the client UI. More...
class  UIStateManager
 Interface for UI plugins to manage their states. More...


typedef int EnumId
 Unique identifier for EnumDefinition instances.
using ObjectIds = QVector< class ObjectId >
 Type-safe and cross-process object identifier vector.
using UISizeVector = QVector< QVariant >


enum  EnumIds { InvalidEnumId = -1 , FirstValidEnumId = 0 }
 Special value constants for GammaRay::EnumId.


template<typename Out , typename In >
Out DynamicCast (In *in)
template<typename T >
bool IsPolymorphic ()


static const int UserRole = 256
 Portable replacement for Qt::UserRole.

Detailed Description

All GammaRay classes.

Function Documentation

◆ DynamicCast()

template<typename Out , typename In >
Out GammaRay::DynamicCast ( In *  in)

Dynamic casting trait for supporting dynamic_cast-like functions for pseudo-polymorphic Qt types. The generic implementation in here just does dynamic_cast, this needs to be specialized where needed.

◆ IsPolymorphic()

template<typename T >
bool GammaRay::IsPolymorphic ( )

Specializable variant of std::is_polymorphic, for use with pseudo-polymorphic Qt types.

Variable Documentation

◆ UserRole

const int GammaRay::UserRole = 256

Portable replacement for Qt::UserRole.

Qt4 uses 32, Qt5 256, use the latter globally to allow combining Qt4/5 client/servers.

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