TernaryConstants.h File Reference

#include <QPointF>
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const QPointF AxisVector_B_A
const QPointF AxisVector_B_C
const QPointF AxisVector_C_A
const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceAC
const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceBA
const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceBC
const QPointF Norm_B_A
const QPointF Norm_B_C
const QPointF Norm_C_A
const double RelMarkerLength
const double Sqrt3
const QPointF TriangleBottomLeft
const QPointF TriangleBottomRight
const double TriangleHeight
const QPointF TriangleTop
const double TriangleWidth

Variable Documentation

const QPointF AxisVector_B_A
const QPointF AxisVector_B_C
const QPointF AxisVector_C_A

Referenced by translate().

const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceAC
const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceBA
const QPointF FullMarkerDistanceBC
const QPointF Norm_B_A
const QPointF Norm_B_C
const QPointF Norm_C_A
const double RelMarkerLength
const double Sqrt3
const QPointF TriangleBottomLeft
const QPointF TriangleBottomRight
const double TriangleHeight
const QPointF TriangleTop
const double TriangleWidth
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