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KDAB::UnitTest::GenericFactory< T_Test >
KDChart::AbstractAreaAn area in the chart with a background, a frame, etc
KDChart::AbstractAreaBaseBase class for AbstractArea and AbstractAreaWidget: An area in the chart with a background, a frame, etc
KDChart::AbstractAreaWidgetAn area in the chart with a background, a frame, etc
KDChart::AbstractAxisThe base class for axes
KDChart::AbstractCartesianDiagramBase class for diagrams based on a cartesian coordianate system
KDChart::AbstractCoordinatePlaneBase class common for all coordinate planes, CartesianCoordinatePlane, PolarCoordinatePlane, TernaryCoordinatePlane
KDChart::AbstractDiagramAbstractDiagram defines the interface for diagram classes
KDChart::AbstractLayoutItemBase class for all layout items of KD Chart
KDChart::AbstractPieDiagramBase class for any diagram type
KDChart::AbstractPolarDiagramBase class for diagrams based on a polar coordinate system
KDChart::AbstractProxyModelBase class for all proxy models used inside KD Chart
KDChart::AbstractTernaryDiagramBase class for diagrams based on a ternary coordinate plane
KDChart::AbstractThreeDAttributesBase class for 3D attributes
KDChart::AttributesModelA proxy model used for storing attributes
KDChart::AutoSpacerLayoutItemAn empty layout item
KDChart::BackgroundAttributesSet of attributes usable for background pixmaps
KDChart::BarAttributesSet of attributes for changing the appearance of bar charts
KDChart::BarDiagramBarDiagram defines a common bar diagram
KDChart::CartesianAxisThe class for cartesian axes
KDChart::CartesianCoordinatePlaneCartesian coordinate plane
KDChart::ChartA chart with one or more diagrams
KDChart::ChartGraphicsItemGraphics item used inside of the ReverseMapper
KDChart::DataDimensionHelper class for one dimension of data, e.g
KDChart::DatasetProxyModelDatasetProxyModel takes a KDChart dataset configuration and translates it into a filtering proxy model
KDChart::DataValueAttributesDiagram attributes dealing with data value labels
KDChart::DiagramObserverA DiagramObserver watches the associated diagram for changes and deletion and emits corresponsing signals
KDChart::FrameAttributesA set of attributes for frames around items
KDChart::GlobalMeasureScalingAuxiliary class used by the KDChart::Measure and KDChart::Chart class
KDChart::GridAttributesA set of attributes controlling the appearance of grids
KDChart::HeaderFooterA header or even footer displaying text above or below charts
KDChart::HorizontalLineLayoutItemLayout item showing a horizontal line
KDChart::LegendLegend defines the interface for the legend drawing class
KDChart::LeveyJenningsAxisThe class for levey jennings axes
KDChart::LeveyJenningsCoordinatePlaneLevey Jennings coordinate plane This is actually nothing real more than a plain cartesian coordinate plane
KDChart::LeveyJenningsDiagramLeveyDiagram defines a Levey Jennings chart
KDChart::LeveyJenningsGridAttributesA set of attributes controlling the appearance of grids
KDChart::LineAttributesSet of attributes for changing the appearance of line charts
KDChart::LineDiagramLineDiagram defines a common line diagram
KDChart::LineLayoutItemLayout item showing a coloured line
KDChart::LineWithMarkerLayoutItemLayout item showing a coloured line and a data point marker
KDChart::MarkerAttributesA set of ottributes controlling the appearance of data set markers
KDChart::MarkerLayoutItemLayout item showing a data point marker
KDChart::MeasureMeasure is used to specify all relative and/or absolute measures in KDChart, e.g
KDChart::PaintContextStores information about painting diagrams
KDChart::PaletteA Palette is a set of brushes (or colors) to be used for painting data sets
KDChart::PieAttributesA set of attributes controlling the appearance of pie charts
KDChart::PieDiagramPieDiagram defines a common pie diagram
KDChart::PlotterPlotter defines a diagram type plotting two-dimensional data
KDChart::PolarCoordinatePlanePolar coordinate plane
KDChart::PolarDiagramPolarDiagram defines a common polar diagram
KDChart::PositionDefines a position, using compass terminology
KDChart::PositionPointsStores the absolute target points of a Position
KDChart::PrintingParametersPrintingParameters stores the scale factor which lines has to been scaled with when printing
KDChart::PrivateAttributesModelInternally used class just adding a special constructor used by AbstractDiagram
KDChart::RelativePositionDefines relative position information: reference area, position in this area, horizontal / vertical padding, and rotating
KDChart::ReverseMapperThe ReverseMapper stores information about objects on a chart and their respective model indexes
KDChart::RingDiagramRingDiagram defines a common ring diagram
KDChart::RulerAttributesA set of attributes controlling the appearance of axis rulers
KDChart::SignalCompressorSignalCompressor compresses signals where the same signal needs to be emitted by several pieces of the code, but only one of the signals should be received at the end
KDChart::StockBarAttributesAttributes to customize the appearance of a column in a stock chart
KDChart::TernaryAxisThe class for ternary axes
KDChart::TernaryCoordinatePlaneTernary coordinate plane
KDChart::TernaryLineDiagramA TernaryLineDiagram is a line diagram with a ternary coordinate plane
KDChart::TernaryPointDiagramA TernaryPointDiagram is a point diagram within a ternary coordinate plane
KDChart::TextAreaA text area in the chart with a background, a frame, etc
KDChart::TextAttributesA set of text attributes
KDChart::TextLayoutItemLayout item showing a text
KDChart::ThreeDBarAttributesA set of 3D bar attributes
KDChart::ThreeDLineAttributesA set of 3D line attributes
KDChart::ThreeDPieAttributesA set of 3D pie attributes
KDChart::ValueTrackerAttributesCell-specific attributes regarding value tracking
KDChart::VerticalLineLayoutItemLayout item showing a vertial line
KDChart::WidgetThe KD Chart widget for usage without Model/View
KDChart::ZoomParametersZoomParameters stores the center and the factor of zooming internally
KDChartEnumsProject global class providing some enums needed both by KDChartParams and by KDChartCustomBox
KDGantt::AbstractGridAbstract baseclass for grids. A grid is used to convert between QModelIndex'es and gantt chart values (doubles) and to paint the background and header of the view
KDGantt::AbstractRowControllerAbstract baseclass for row controllers. A row controller is used by the GraphicsView to nagivate the model and to determine the row geometries
KDGantt::ConstraintA class used to represent a dependency
KDGantt::GraphicsViewModel/view implementation of a gantt chart
KDGantt::ItemDelegateClass used to render gantt items in a KDGantt::GraphicsView
KDGantt::LegendLegend showing an image and a description for Gantt items
KDGantt::SpanA class representing a start point and a length
KDGantt::StyleOptionGanttItemQStyleOption subclass for gantt items
KDGantt::SummaryHandlingProxyModelProxy model that supports summary gantt items
KDGantt::ViewThis widget that consists of a QTreeView and a GraphicsView
KDTextDocumentKDTextDocument is an internally used enhanced QTextDocument
PrerenderedElementBase class for prerendered elements like labels, pixmaps, markers, etc
PrerenderedLabelPrerenderedLabel is an internal KDChart class that simplifies creation and caching of cached text labels
QAbstractItemViewClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QAbstractProxyModelClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QFrameClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QGraphicsPolygonItemClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QLayoutItemClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QObjectClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QSortFilterProxyModelClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QTextDocumentClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
QWidgetClass only listed here to document inheritance of some KDChart classes
TernaryPointTernaryPoint defines a point within a ternary coordinate plane
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