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KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties Class Reference

#include <KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties.h>

Public Types

enum  KDSoapAddressingPredefinedAddress

Public Member Functions

 KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties ()
 ~KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties ()
 KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties (const KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties &other)
KDSoapMessageAddressingPropertiesoperator= (const KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties &other)
QString destination () const
void setDestination (const QString &destination)
QString action () const
void setAction (const QString &action)
KDSoapEndpointReference sourceEndpoint () const
QString sourceEndpointAddress () const
void setSourceEndpoint (const KDSoapEndpointReference &sourceEndpoint)
void setSourceEndpointAddress (const QString &sourceEndpoint)
KDSoapEndpointReference replyEndpoint () const
QString replyEndpointAddress () const
void setReplyEndpoint (const KDSoapEndpointReference &replyEndpoint)
void setReplyEndpointAddress (const QString &replyEndpoint)
KDSoapEndpointReference faultEndpoint () const
QString faultEndpointAddress () const
void setFaultEndpoint (const KDSoapEndpointReference &faultEndpoint)
void setFaultEndpointAddress (const QString &faultEndpoint)
QString messageID () const
void setMessageID (const QString &id)
QVector< KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship > relationships () const
void setRelationships (const QVector< KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship > &relationships)
void addRelationship (const KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship &relationship)
KDSoapValueList referenceParameters () const
void setReferenceParameters (const KDSoapValueList &values)
void addReferenceParameter (const KDSoapValue &oneReferenceParameter)
KDSoapValueList metadata () const
void setMetadata (const KDSoapValueList &metadataList)
void addMetadata (const KDSoapValue &metadata)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString predefinedAddressToString (KDSoapAddressingPredefinedAddress address)

Private Member Functions

void writeMessageAddressingProperties (KDSoapNamespacePrefixes &namespacePrefixes, QXmlStreamWriter &writer, const QString &messageNamespace, bool forceQualified) const

Detailed Description

The KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties class is the abstraction of the WS-Addressing specification. This specification sets up information within the soap envelope header. This class is meant to be filled with the data you want to have in the soap header and associate to a given message using

See also
http://www.w3.org/TR/ws-addr-core/#abstractmaps Important: This class does not ensure any kind of validation to the data being passed to it

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum contains all the predefined addresses defined by the ws addressing specification It is meant to be used with the predefinedAddress helper function to retrieve the uri as a QString

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties ( )

Constructs an empty KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties object.

KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::~KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties ( )

Destructs the KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties object.

KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties ( const KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties other)

Constructs a copy of the KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties object given by other.

Member Function Documentation

KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties & KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::operator= ( const KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties other)

Copies the contents of the object given by other.

QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::destination ( ) const

Returns the destination address, it should match the EndpointReference given from WSDL

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setDestination ( const QString &  destination)

Sets the destination address, where the message will be sent to

QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::action ( ) const

Returns the action uri, which is the semantic of the message

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setAction ( const QString &  action)

Sets the targeted action of the soap message

KDSoapEndpointReference KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::sourceEndpoint ( ) const

Returns the message sender endpoint

See also
QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::sourceEndpointAddress ( ) const

Convenient method, returns directly the source endpoint address

See also
KDSoapAddressingPredefinedAddress enum
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setSourceEndpoint ( const KDSoapEndpointReference sourceEndpoint)

Sets the message sender endpoint

See also
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setSourceEndpointAddress ( const QString &  sourceEndpoint)

Convenient method, sets the message sender address

KDSoapEndpointReference KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::replyEndpoint ( ) const

Returns the reply endpoint

See also
KDSoapAddressingPredefinedAddress enum
QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::replyEndpointAddress ( ) const

Convenient method, returns the sender endpoint address

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setReplyEndpoint ( const KDSoapEndpointReference replyEndpoint)

Sets the reply endpoint the server should reply to

See also
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setReplyEndpointAddress ( const QString &  replyEndpoint)

Convenient method to set directly the reply endpoint address the server should reply to

KDSoapEndpointReference KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::faultEndpoint ( ) const

Returns the fault endpoint, which contains the address the server should send the potential fault error

QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::faultEndpointAddress ( ) const

Convenient method that returns the fault endpoint address, which is the address the server should send the potential fault error

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setFaultEndpoint ( const KDSoapEndpointReference faultEndpoint)

Set the fault endpoint of the message

See also
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setFaultEndpointAddress ( const QString &  faultEndpoint)

Convenient method to set directly the fault endpoint address of the message

QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::messageID ( ) const

Returns the message id

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setMessageID ( const QString &  id)

Set the message id

QVector< KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship > KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::relationships ( ) const

Return the relationship of the KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties

See also
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setRelationships ( const QVector< KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship > &  relationships)

Set the relationships of the message, parameter is a QVector of Relationship, the class Relationship carry the relationship type and the message ID of the related message

See also
void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::addRelationship ( const KDSoapMessageRelationship::Relationship &  relationship)

Convenient method to add a single Relationship to the message

See also
KDSoapValueList KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::referenceParameters ( ) const

Returns the custom reference parameters objects as a KDSoapValueList

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setReferenceParameters ( const KDSoapValueList values)

Set the reference parameters list, since this value can be anything custom, it uses a KDSoapValueList

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::addReferenceParameter ( const KDSoapValue oneReferenceParameter)

Add a reference parameter, if not null, to the referenceParameters list

KDSoapValueList KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::metadata ( ) const

Returns the metadata of the KDSoapMessageProperties

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::setMetadata ( const KDSoapValueList metadataList)

Set the metadata field, can be a multi level KDSoapValueList

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::addMetadata ( const KDSoapValue metadata)

Add one metadata, if not null, to the list of metadata that will appear within soap header

QString KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::predefinedAddressToString ( KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::KDSoapAddressingPredefinedAddress  address)

Helper function that takes the address enum to provide the QString equivalent

void KDSoapMessageAddressingProperties::writeMessageAddressingProperties ( KDSoapNamespacePrefixes &  namespacePrefixes,
QXmlStreamWriter &  writer,
const QString &  messageNamespace,
bool  forceQualified 
) const

Private method called to write the properties to the soap header, using QXmlStreamWriter

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