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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CGammaRay::AbstractObjectDataProviderBase class for custom object data providers. Inherit from this and register at ObjectDataProvider, to support basic QObject information retrieval from dynamic language bindings, such as QML
 CGammaRay::ObjectModelBase< Base >A container for a generic Object Model derived from some Base
 CGammaRay::Protocol::ItemSelectionRangeProtocol representation of an QItemSelectionRange
 CGammaRay::LaunchOptionsDescribes the injection and probe options used for launching/attacing to a host process
 CGammaRay::MetaObjectCompile-time introspection adaptor for non-QObject classes
 CGammaRay::MetaObjectImpl< T, Base1, Base2, Base3 >Template implementation of MetaObject
 CGammaRay::MetaObjectRepositoryMetaObject repository
 CGammaRay::MetaPropertyIntrospectable adaptor to non-QObject properties
 CGammaRay::MetaPropertyImpl< Class, GetterReturnType, SetterArgType >Template-ed implementation of MetaProperty for member properties
 CGammaRay::MetaStaticPropertyImpl< Class, GetterReturnType >Template-ed implementation of MetaProperty for static properties
 CGammaRay::ObjectIdType-safe and cross-process object identifier
 CGammaRay::ProbeABIDescribes a probe ABI. The probe ABI is everything that determines if a probe is compatible with a given target or not
 CGammaRay::ProbeABIDetectorDetect the probe ABI required for a given target. A target can be specified as either a process id or a path to an executable to be launched
 CGammaRay::ProbeInterfaceAn abstract interface for accessing the core GammaRay probe
 CGammaRay::PropertyControllerExtensionBase-class for server-side property editor extensions
 CGammaRay::PropertyWidgetTabFactoryBaseInterface for tabs in the property widget
 CGammaRay::PropertyWidgetTabFactory< T >Template implementation of PropertyWidgetTabFactoryBase
 CGammaRay::NetworkDiscoveryModelLists all active server instances found via network autodiscovery
 CGammaRay::SingleColumnObjectProxyModelA QIdentityProxyModel for generic Objects
 CGammaRay::ClientConnectionManagerPre-MainWindow connection setup logic
 CGammaRay::EndpointNetwork protocol endpoint
 CGammaRay::LauncherManages launching a target process, injecting the probe and if needed also starting the client application
 CGammaRay::ProbeControllerInterfaceProbe and host process remote control functions
 CGammaRay::ProbeControllerServer-side part for the object property inspector. Use this to integrate a property inspector like in the QObject view into your tool
 CGammaRay::PropertyControllerInterfaceClient/Server interface of the property editor
 CGammaRay::PropertyControllerNon-UI part of the property widget
 CGammaRay::UiIntegrationInterface for UI plugins to integrate with the client UI. This is especially relevant when the client is embedded inside another application such as an IDE
 CGammaRay::ClientToolModelTool model for the client that implements the custom roles that return widget/factory pointers
 CGammaRay::ObjectFilterProxyModelBaseA QSortFilterProxyModel for generic Objects
 CGammaRay::ObjectTypeFilterProxyModel< T >A templated generic ObjectFilterProxyModelBase for some data type
 CGammaRay::PropertyWidgetClient-side counter-part GammaRay::PropertyController
 CGammaRay::SignalSpyCallbackSetCallbacks for tracing signal emissions and slot invocation
 CGammaRay::SourceLocationSpecifies a source code location
 CGammaRay::ToolFactoryAn abstract interface for probe tools
 CGammaRay::StandardToolFactory< Type, Tool >A templated generic ToolFactory for some data type and tool
 CGammaRay::ToolInfoGammaRay tool identifier
 CGammaRay::ToolUiFactoryAn abstract interface for creating the UI parts of probe tools
 CGammaRay::StandardToolUiFactory< ToolUi >A templated convenience ToolUiFactory applicable for most use-cases

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